InfoGraf .. 6 records await Liverpool after crowning the English Premier League

The English Premier League team took over the interests of the whole world after crowning the Premier League title officially for the first time in 30 years, after the Reds succeeded in crowning the title of the competition in the current season 2019-2020, which was recently resumed after a hiatus of more than 3 months due to the spread of the emerging Corona virus “Covid” 19 “.

Chelsea managed to beat Manchester City with two goals against a goal to crown Liverpool with a difference of points, and before 7 rounds are still remaining on the Reds road until the end of the competition this season, and Liverpool have got 86 points, 23 points, with Manchester City runner-up with only 7 rounds remaining on End of the competition, the Reds officially crowned the title.

Liverpool is awaiting another 6 records that it may achieve for the remainder of the season. We review it through the following info graph.





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