Influenza vaccine: Malaga health centers receive nearly 350,000 doses for the first phase


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Health centers in the province of Malaga have received a total of 336,497 doses for the first phase of this season’s flu vaccination campaign, which began this week with the inoculation of the over 80s along with the fourth dose of Covid. The Ministry of Health’s goal is that 75 percent of the population over 65 years of age be vaccinated against influenza viruses as required by the World Health Organization (WHO). Andalusia in the past campaign was very close to this goal: 73.2 percent.

The Council bought 21.5% more flu vaccine than in 2021, for a total of 2.17 million doses. This increase is mainly due to the first time inclusion of children between six months and four years and 11 months in the flu vaccination. Approximately 300,000 doses will arrive for this age group, with the possibility of adding another 120,000 for the second phase of the campaign. In this population group there are approximately 281,000 children in Andalusia.

Babies between six months and four months and 11 months will start getting vaccinated against the flu from October 17

Healthcare has already acquired 2,050,000 doses against influenza, which can be extended to 2,170,000 for the second phase of the campaign. The vaccines used in Andalusia are all tetravalent, i.e. they cover the two A and two B strains of the influenza virus recommended by the WHO, so they are currently the most complete. On October 17, the vaccination of children, those between five and 64 with chronic diseases, pregnant women, highly dependent people and their caregivers will begin. Also from 17 October, people between 65 and 79 will receive the flu vaccine and the fourth dose of Covid.

The Minister of Health and Consumption, Catalina García, has encouraged the most vulnerable groups to get vaccinated against the flu and Covid-19. To do this, you recalled that it is possible to make an appointment through the Salud Responde application or by telephone, ClicSalud + or at each user’s health center. In this sense you have assured that for this campaign there are no vaccination centers as there is no urgency for express mass vaccination. Thus, she evaluated the 1,500 vaccination points, which are the health centers, distributed throughout Andalusia. “We can have a problem-free campaign in two to three months,” said the councilor.

Nursing staff

Catalina García stressed that “Andalusia is very aware that an effective and safe measure against Covid and the flu is vaccination.” I can only thank the health workers for their efforts in recent months, and the Andalusians themselves for this exercise of maturity to protect themselves and the people around them, “said the consultant, who specified that she has the necessary nursing staff to carry out the campaign” in a timely manner “.

In reference to the vaccination of children against influenza, Catalina García García stressed that this is an initiative supported by the World Health Organization and the Pediatric Society, due to the considerable burden of the disease in minors, with very high hospitalization figures. similar to that of the elderly. Added to this is the important role played by children in the transmission of the virus.

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