Influencer with handicap: inclusion on Instagram – Rems-Murr-Kreis

Hülya Marquardt looks after her little son at home – thanks to the Internet, the 37-year-old has fans all over the world. Photo: Gottfried Stoppel

37-year-old Hülya Marquardt from Weissach im Tal lives without legs. She is now the patron of the “Living Diaries” project, which tells stories from people with a migration background and disabilities.

Weissach im Tal – Hülya Marquardt was born and raised in Hagen in North Rhine-Westphalia, has lived in Weissach im Tal in the Rems-Murr district for six years – and has fans around the world. Around 25,000 people follow the 37-year-old with positive charisma on the social network Instagram, where her husband Dennis publishes photos and short videos from her life.



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