Inflation fell for the 12th month to negative 1.17%.

Inflation fell for the 12th month to negative 1.17%.

Date 05 March 2021 time 13:30

Commercial points of negative inflation are not worrying due to measures to reduce electricity bills and falling fresh food prices. Reduce expenses As a result, February inflation remained negative. Expected after the end of April measures come back strong

Mr. Phusit Ratanakul Sereengrit Director of the Office of Trade Policy and Strategy (OTP), Ministry of Commerce said

Consumer price index (Headline inflation) February 2021, compared to the same month of the previous year, decreased 1.17 percent (YoY), falling for the 12th consecutive month since the COVID-19 situation. Began to affect Thailand in March last year

For the main factor from government measures to reduce the cost of living In particular, the reduction of electricity and water bills for a period of 2 months (Feb. – Mar. 64), which is not yet a concern. In addition, the prices of products in the fresh food group, especially the raw rice, sticky rice and fresh vegetables decreased in line with the increase in production. And a lower price base than the previous year

While prices of goods and services in most other categories remained stable and moved in line with the output and consumption demand of the people, except for fuel. Prices have risen for the first time in 13 months following rising world oil prices. When broken fresh food And the energy is out. Core inflation expanded at 0.04 percent (YoY).

“Inflation has dropped considerably this month. This is partly due to the measures to reduce the cost of living by the state. While the production and consumption situation began to show signs of recovery. This was in line with the second consecutive month of rising exports, the rate of capacity utilization coming back close to the levels before the COVID outbreak.

Including government measures that help reduce the cost of living Increase purchasing power And the economic stimulus continues to come out It is expected that the situation of prices for products and services in the next period will likely expand from April onwards. “

As for the inflation trend in March 2021, there is a chance of a slight contraction. There is an important factor from the effect of measures to take care of the cost of living in public utilities (electricity and water) that continue to affect from this month. Including the price of rice that is still lower than the year before And other agricultural products moving in a normal direction according to the amount of production

While this year’s oil prices may fluctuate somewhat according to the world price situation. However, the trend continues to expand throughout the year. Inflation is expected in 2021 to move between 0.7% – 1.7% (the middle value is +1.2), which is a rate that should help support the Thai economy to expand appropriately and further. As

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