Infinix Note 11 Series Gaming Phone Launches November 24, 2021 – Infinix will launch its newest smartphone which is claimed to be the best gaming device. The specifications are said to be quite fierce, both chipset, screen, and battery power and a contemporary design.

Not only launching the Infinix Note 11 Pro, Infinix will also launch the Note 11, Note 11 NFC, and Note 11S. All of these smartphones of course also carry qualified specifications typical of the Note series. Especially for the Infinix Note 11, it is special because it is the first smartphone with an AMOLED screen in the Note series.

The series of launches of the Note 11 Series is also further enlivened by Infinix’s collaboration with PUBG Mobile. This collaboration comes in the form of the Jawara Cup national competition which will be held in 34 provinces throughout Indonesia.

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“We are always hearing requests from consumers regarding smartphones that can offer a better gaming experience well-rounded. And here is our answer, the Infinix Note 11 Series that is suitable for #GamingGarisKeras. One of the smartphones from the Note 11 Series that is our mainstay is the Note 11 Pro,” said Sergio Ticoalu as Country Marketing Manager of Infinix Indonesia.

Typical gaming specifications are very visible on the Infinix Note 11 Pro. For the processing core, the MediaTek chipset is embedded which certainly supports a smooth and stable experience, of course, for long gaming activities.

Infinix also improved the display business. Thanks to a screen with a high refresh rate, users don’t have to worry if they like to play FPS genre games, such as PUBG Mobile which requires fast movements. The screen also has a wider size to display sharper video content.

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A super large battery has also been embedded in the Infinix Note 11 Pro which certainly supports all activities for a day. Not only that, the large battery supports a fast battery charging system to fit if the user is focused on war in the game.

On the official Infinix Instagram account itself, there is a teaser post related to the Infinix Note 11 Pro. This indicates that the Infinix Note 11 Pro will soon greet the public in the near future.

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