Infinix Launches ZERO X Pro, Collaborating with Royal Observatory Greenwich – Infinix officially launched the ZERO X Pro smartphone, which is a milestone for a new era of smartphone technology. At the same event, Infinix also held an online webinar with the theme Infinix Presents: See Beyond which was located at the Royal Observatory Greenwich in London as part of the company’s corporate collaboration and commitment to exploration. At the event, Inspired by the moon and space exploration, this event brings together extraordinary panelists from the fields of astronomy and technology, to discuss all things related to the universe to the Moon. Experts speaking at the event included:

  • Dr. Emily Drabak-Maunder, astronomer from the Obsevatory
  • The Tech Chap (Tom Honeyands), a well-known Key opinion leader (KOL) in the technology world
  • Skye Chen, Head of Public Relations Infinix

Infinix Presents: See Beyond is a tribute to the world of space exploration, where Infinix and its panelists come together to create a world that supports young people, to see beyond the camera lens, and to realize their ambitions.

Participants had the opportunity to get advice from experts, hands-on, for example from tech experts on how to get into a creative mindset and learn how the ZERO X Pro smartphone allows users to capture perfect images of the moonlit starry sky. Dr. Emily will also share her knowledge of astronomy and the moon, how it can inspire humans and their imaginations, and what it means for exploration of the universe now, and in the future.

“Infinix has a deep connection with space exploration and takes smartphone camera technology to new heights,” said Skye Chen. “We are excited to bring the world of astronomy and the ability to capture it with Infinix’s cutting-edge technology into the hands of the next generation so they can see further into worlds they have only ever imagined. The Royal Observatory Greenwich feels very well suited to our support because I know their focus is also inspiring a new generation.”

More about this partnership, Dr. Emily Drabak-Maunder said, “Our mission in Greenwich is to bring the world of astronomy closer to the general public and we are very grateful to Infinix for their support and commitment to increasing access to astronomy. This collaboration is a perfect fit for both organizations and together, we can give more people the opportunity to explore and experience the Moon and the universe, see beyond limitations and explore worlds that they could only dream of.”

Uncover ZERO X Pro

The Infinix Presents: See Beyond event also hosted the launch of Infinix’s new smartphone, the ZERO X Pro, part of the new ZERO X Series, which bridges the gap between smartphone cameras and professional imaging technologies.

The Infinix ZERO X Pro specs include visual breaktrough technologies such as the 60X periscope moonshot camera and Infinix’s Galileo Algorithm Engine, a top-of-the-line software feature that enables the best shots of the Moon at high resolution. Users can capture sharp moon images using Infinix’s “Super Moon Mode” combined with the 108MP OIS main camera. Designed with galaxies in mind, Nebula Black’s color is a tribute to space exploration and resembles the endless Milky Way galaxy.

During the event, YouTuber The Tech Chap will demonstrate the power of “Super Moon Mode” by demonstrating his experience using ZERO X Pro’s high-performance camera technology. Viewers will be treated to a comparison of a moon portrait shot through a telescope, and another using the ZERO X Pro smartphone.

“Technology is about innovation and pushing boundaries, both in terms of new features and accessibility at how affordable it is,” says The Tech Chap. “Flagship ZERO X Pro offers a great all-round experience and impressive camera setup to literally, and figuratively, photograph the moon!”

Creating the World “Beyond The Horizon”

With the See Beyond event and a partnership with the Royal Observatory Greenwich, Infinix continues its mission to create a world that will allow the next generation to explore the universe and discover the limitless possibilities that lie before them.

The cutting-edge technology integrated into the Infinix ZERO X Pro is just the beginning of what the company is aiming to achieve in its journey to close the gap between smartphone technology and photography. . Through this device, Infinix seeks to empower today’s young people to use their smartphones and create something visually extraordinary.

ZERO X Pro will be available in 3 colors: Nebula Black, Starry Silver and Tuscany Brown. Prices will vary by region. For more information, please visit:


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