Infinix launches the HOT 20 series, the protagonist, 120Hz screen, combines the power of the Helio G96 chipset, on sale from 7 October at the special price of 5,190 baht.

Infinix launches HOT 20 series with 120 Hz display and Helio G96 chipset
Available for sale on October 7 at the special price of 5,190 baht.
Surprise to have won “PiXXiE” for the first time as a brand ambassador!

6 October 2022, Bangkok – Infinix, a global smartphone brand. Emphasize success and continue to penetrate the gaming and entertainment phone market. Recently, the official launch of the Infinix HOT 20 series in Thailand with the slogan “Booyah Now! – One for Victory”, highlighting users with a hypervision gaming screen with the smoothest refresh rate of 120Hz. Large 6, 78 inches, FHD + resolution, combined with the power of the MediaTek Helio G96 gaming processor, launched at the price of 5,899 baht, in collaboration with leading partners such as Free Fire, organizing exclusive events and collections. Also, there is a surprise that attracts a new group of T-pop girls “PiXXiE” as a brand ambassador. Ready to provide maximum fun too. A special music video for the new HOT 20 series mobile phone to transmit and reflect A modern smartphone, ready to perfectly meet all the needs of the new generation.

Mr. William Chen, Country Manager, Inphenix Thailand, said: “Inphenix is ​​gaining popularity and growing rapidly in Thailand. Even today, the smartphone market is highly competitive. But the overall business operation in the past is considered very successful because we can see the real needs of consumers. Therefore, we offer products that focus on meeting the needs of consumers as much as possible. using a strategy that emphasizes the particularity of the products that have their own outlets Being a smartphone that can be used fully Focus on needs of teenagers Beginner to mid-level workers who like to play and have fun but are on a budget. This year we have brought another series like Infinix HOT 20 Series which can be considered the ultimate in design. with usage Outstanding premium quality materials with a screen with frequency 120Hz refresh rate, boosted with a powerful Media Tek Helio G96 chipset, at a great price of only 5,899 baht, sold in Thailand. To provide users with a complete entertainment experience, they are also partnering with Free Fire to produce a limited edition package that offers a wide range of exclusive items both within and outside the game. It also offers a special by choosing a popular group of PiXXiE girls as a brand ambassador. He is considered an exceptional representative, bright, modern and has a clear lifestyle in the style of the new generation, suitable for the brand “.

For Infinix (Infinix) it is a good quality smartphone brand, worth the price and is the best mobile phone for unlimited gaming and entertainment. More recently, with the launch of the Infinix HOT 20 series, which features the slogan “Booyah Now! – One for Victory”, highlighting 3 main points as follows:

The 6.78 FHD + 120Hz refresh rate screen makes gaming and entertainment your way.
For the HOT 20 series, the HOT 20S flagship model is the only mobile phone that uses a 6.78-inch 120Hz FHD + resolution hypervision gaming display with an automatically adjustable refresh rate. which is suitable for playing games or watching all kinds of entertainment.Users will experience and enjoy the exceptionally sharp picture quality. It also comes with the new Dark Region Enhancement technology built into the device with AI resolution algorithms to help optimize the contrast and sharpness of the screen while using it in places where there is bright sunlight.In addition, the HOT 20S model has also a touch sampling rate of 240Hz to provide the best experience every time you swipe the screen. This way users can adjust the game more precisely and more fun.

Powerful MediaTek Helio G96 chipset for real gamers
The Infinix HOT 20S is one of the HOT 20 series based on the MediaTek Helio G96 chipset with a 64-bit Octa-core processor and two powerful Arm Cortex-A76 processors. It has frequencies up to 2.05 GHz and six Arm Cortex-A55 cores improve the speed of use. Performance has also been improved with Hyper Engine Gaming technology, which allows for quick switching between LTE and WI-FI. Effectively reduces game delay. Make your phone experience smoother.

128 GB RAM 13 GB (8 + 5) extended memory for superior usability
Infinix HOT 20S expands the potential of unlimited memory usage with up to 128GB of memory with Extended RAM technology. It can increase the RAM up to 13GB. Users can open internal settings by going to Storage – MemFusion. Extended RAM functionality when open. already used Mobile will be able to load the game quickly. And it can support up to 20 applications to run simultaneously without delay.

It can not miss! With the launch of the Infinix HOT 20 Series brand ambassador who got the T-pop idol girl group “PiXXiE” 3 girls 3 different characters Mabel – Suchada Sonphan, Pima – Pimmada Jaisaksern and Inko-Intpalee Chotihirunthanon Become the first ambassador of the brand in Thailand Ready to surprise fans and users with a new song “HOT Dangerous” for the new HOT 20 Series mobile phone, which aims to reward all users and enthusiasts, available from 10 October onwards via the Infinix Mobile Thailand Facebook page or LIT Entertainment YouTube channel

Infinix fans can now get the Infinix HOT 20 series at a great price, with many limited freebies. Sold for the first day on 7 October 2022, with a special price during the launch period from 7 to 16 October 2022 for HOT 20S model 8 + 128GB price 5,190 baht, HOT 20 model 4 + 128GB price 4,190 baht and HOT 20 model 6 + 128GB, price 4,690 baht, can be ordered online on Shopee Link: and HOT 20i, model 4 + 64GB, price 3,299 baht and 4 + 128 GB, price 3,599 baht, can be ordered via Link Lazada: https : // Interested parties can find more details on

on infinity
Infinix Mobile, founded in 2013, is a smartphone brand that designs, manufactures and markets mobile phones to expand globally under the cutting-edge Infinix brand, meticulously integrated into the mobile phone. Features a distinctive style The dem is full of power and efficiency. It is a modern device preferred by users every step of the way. With the concept being at the heart of the brand as “THE FUTURE IS NOW”, while showing the world that Inphenix is ​​committed to providing cutting-edge technology. as well as a sleek and elegant look for users who don’t want to go out of style.
The company’s product group They are sold in more than 40 countries around the world. Covering Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and South Asia, Infinix grew 160% between 2018 and 2020, an unprecedented rate. And there are big plans to create a flagship phone with a great design and an ongoing value proposition. Find out more about

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