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Predictors of the future or future Jack Uldrich predicts trends technology the next that changes human life to replace the trend smartphone.

According to him, technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and new generation electronic devices will be born to facilitate everyday human activities.

“We are going to transition from accessing the internet to living on the internet,” explained Jack, speaker, author, who helps businesses understand and capitalize on current trends.

Brad Berens, Head of Strategy for Center for Digital Future at Annesberg School for Communicatin and Journalism, University of Southern California, also predicts smartphones will become the center of various IoT products in the vicinity. These will be Personal Area Network (PAN) devices such as smart watches, necklaces, glasses or smart contact lenses.

He also predicted that Artificial Intelligence Assistant would become the next technology trend. So, users don’t need to input too many smart devices.

Because, this assistant will learn about users and provide suggestions about what the owner wants and needs.

Uldrich also predicts that in the future our personal devices will also study the user’s eye movements. They will predict the user’s eye movements to make predictions.

“If we see something for two seconds, the AI ​​Assistant will provide more detailed information about it,” he said.

VR and AR will also be used to project information onto the human field of vision and then manipulate the network via voice or motion commands, as quoted. Electronics How Items Work.

Then it will be assisted by haptic technology that simulates sensory feedback.

There are other innovations that involve human or machine fusion that can transform us into more than just humans which are called Cyborgs.

Elon Musk’s company Neuralink has started developing such technology, it was quoted as saying Telco World.

Compared to Tesla and SpaceX, Neuralink is considered a very ambitious project. The company wants to connect the chip to the brain using flexible electrodes that are thinner than a human hair called ‘threads’.

Musk believes BMI (machine-brain interface) is needed to help increase human brain power.

Artificial intelligence is predicted to be the next technology that will change human life after smartphones. (Istockphoto / metamorworks)

BMI is a device that translates neural information into commands capable of controlling external software or hardware such as a computer or a robotic arm. BMI is often used as a life aid for individuals with motor or sensory impairments.

Many scientists have welcomed Musk’s involvement in the medical field. The reason is, the potential for a large BMI can help paralyzed individuals and those with neurological disorders.

The company also claims to build a neurosurgical robot capable of inserting six threads (192 electrodes) per minute.

Each thread can be individually inserted into the brain with micron precision to circumvent surface blood vessels and target specific brain regions.

The electrode array is packed into a small implantable device containing a special chip for low-power on-board amplification and digitization. In addition, 3072 electrodes will occupy a brain space measuring 23 × 18.5 × 2 mm3.

Surprisingly, one USB-C cable provides full bandwidth data streaming from the device, recording from all channels simultaneously. The USB-C cable connects internal devices to external devices that can send and receive signals from outside.

Musk stated that the device will treat many conditions related to the brain, nervous system and mental health, from strokes to Alztheimer for example. In fact, he claims to eliminate autistic spectrum disorders.

With this brain implant, we can browse the internet, read email, make phone calls and much more. This will be the end point of the technological revolution.

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