Infidelity and complications with a baby ?! Lucinka od Matuše before a difficult exam…

The fortune teller does not have good news for a couple who are still in love. Bohuš Matuš (47) and his Lucinka, according to the website, are said to have the same problems. In particular, future parents should be aware of possible complications during pregnancy. According to the cards, only 17-year-old Lucie is weak and it may happen that she gives birth to the expected baby girl prematurely. “I see that she will give birth in the seventh month of pregnancy,” the witch Graciela told According to her, motherhood will be very demanding for Lucia and she will constantly need Bohuš’s help.

Singer Bohuš Matuš (46) about how Lucinka got pregnant with him (17): We tried during quarantine!

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But it is said that it will suck energy and good mood from the singer, who is also a breadwinner. “In the future, he should watch out for his heart, which is in danger,” the cards said! In addition, according to witch, infidelity should break their coexistence. “Lucie knows that Bohuš is a good game for her because of money. Eventually, however, he will start looking for someone younger, “believes Graciela according to

Strict Bohuš Matuš decided: Never again with Lucinka!

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