Infectious heart patient in ZGT Almelo had a cough and fever but first tested negative | Coronavirus

ALMELO – “We couldn’t have done it any differently,” says cardiologist and medical manager Anita Derks of the ZGT hospital in Almelo, following the outbreak of corona in the cardiology nursing ward. “We are surprised by the situation.” A sick patient initially tested negative on a corona test.

ZGT announced Friday that In the cardiology department (3 North) 4 patients and 11 employees tested positive for COVID-19. Source is probably one patient who has been in a single room.

Very elderly

Derks explains that it concerns an elderly man who was ill. He had a fever and was coughing. He was tested for covid by the GGD, but the result was negative.

The man has been under treatment at the ZGT for some time because of heart problems. He needed treatment – which he did – and he recovered.


A week later his situation deteriorated. Antibiotics did not work. That was one reason to retest it. Then corona was diagnosed.

Looking back, Derks says that there has not been any wrongdoing, nor that specific lessons can be learned. “We couldn’t have done otherwise,” she says.

Mouth mask

In her view, it was not necessary to test the man for covid more often after the first negative test. Nor was it necessary to ask employees to approach him with complete protection.

The employees wore mouth masks when they were within five feet of him. But they do that for all patients, regardless of whether they have complaints that may be caused by corona.

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