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Monday, April 6th:

5.41 p.m .: Upper Austria is working on a concept for tax-free premiums

Upper Austria is currently working on a concept for a tax-free premium for employees in health and nursing professions. They want to “not only say thank you, but also show our appreciation”, LH said Thomas Stelzer (ÖVP) and its deputy Manfred Haimbuchner (FPÖ) their announcement. The SPÖ misses “nails with heads”, it said after the government meeting on Monday.

The red social councilor Birgit Gerstorfer had already requested a bonus in the form of a 15th salary payment at the government meeting last week. However, the vote on this was postponed. On Monday, her application was “put off again”, she criticized and spoke of a pure announcement policy of the ÖVP-FPÖ government coalition. The Stelzer office said that they were currently working out all the details of a bonus. However, black-blue does not want a 15th salary but a tax-free premium. Upper Austria is the first federal state to introduce such financial compensation.

5:35 p.m .: All students in Italy move up to a higher class

Given the Coronavirus emergency, all Italian students will advance to the next class regardless of their grades. This was passed by the government on Monday under a regulation. Schools, kindergartens and universities in Italy have been closed since March 5th. If the schools reopen by May 18, the Italian Central Matura scheduled for June 17 should be held as planned. This test is the only one that takes place simultaneously at the national level. The further examinations, depending on the type of school, would then only be organized by internal commissions, and the external members otherwise provided would be deleted.

17:27: deaths in comparison

5.25 p.m .: Thailand imposes a stop for international flights

Thailand imposes a stop on international passenger flights to the Southeast Asian country in the Corona crisis. The previous short-term ban will be extended until April 18, as the flight authority announced on Monday. Exceptions apply to cargo, relief and military flights, but also to return campaigns. Domestic flights are still permitted, but many companies have ceased operating.

The state of emergency has been in force in Thailand since March 26. So far, according to the Ministry of Health, 2,220 coronavirus cases have been recorded, 51 people have died.

As part of the Federal Foreign Office’s worldwide return program, Germans are currently being brought home from Thailand on special flights. According to the German embassy, ​​the last special Condor flight from Bangkok to Frankfurt will start on Thursday.

17:18: Sick Germans can leave the cruise ship

After a day of wandering in the Indian Ocean, a sick German passenger was able to leave the cruise ship “MSC Magnifica” in Sri Lanka. As the island nation’s navy announced, the 75-year-old was allowed to disembark in Colombo on Monday because she suffers from heart disease.

It is therefore still unclear whether she is infected with the novel corona virus. She was taken to a hospital in Colombo. The operating company had previously announced that among the approximately 1,700 passengers on board there were no Corona people. The “MSC Magnifica” had left the port of Fremantle near Perth in Western Australia at the end of March because Australia had not given the ship permission to moor. Because of the corona virus crisis, a number of cruise ships are still wandering the world‘s oceans because they cannot find a port to dock. Australia, in particular, strictly refuses to have cruise ships with infected people moored in its ports.

5.13 p.m .: Viennese “Corona Spucker” negative in second test

According to the Ministry of Justice, the second corona test of the 30-year-old who was imprisoned after a spitting attack last week was negative. It was initially unclear whether the Viennese had recovered in the meantime or whether the first test showed an incorrect result. At the end of March the man had been tested positive for SARS-CoV-2. Official quarantines were then ordered by the authorities. The night before last Thursday, he went to a Vienna hospital because of an injury, where he began to riot. According to the state police directorate, he was under the influence of alcohol. Because he did not calm down, security staff at the hospital stepped in and fixed the rapist. He tried several times to spit on the security forces. The 30-year-old, who has several minor criminal records, has been investigated for the deliberate threat to humans from communicable diseases (Section 178 of the Criminal Code).

5.11 p.m .: Student representatives want to cut back on their Matura

The student representatives demand education ministers Heinz Fassmann (ÖVP) cut back on this year’s Matura. “The Matura cannot be fully compulsory in these difficult circumstances,” said Federal School Spokeswoman Jennifer Uzodike from the VP-close student union in one broadcast. Part of it should only be possible to complete it voluntarily.

Uzodike does not question the basic holding of the matriculation examination. However, the student council requires three weeks of preparation time, the holding of school work during this time only in high school subjects and the prior execution of assessment and decision tests online. The Matura itself had to be “reduced to a reasonable extent”. “We also need additional accommodation in the evaluation criteria” – at least in mathematics, these would have to be simplified.

5:03 pm: Lehner for differentiation among risk groups

For a differentiation of the COVID 19 risk groups, the chairman of the conference of social security institutions Peter Lehner, a. One should distinguish between high-risk patients and “extended risk group” – and the latter should be able to decide after consultation with a doctor whether they use the option of home office or the exemption. Lehner also called for risk groups to be regulated for the self-employed, entrepreneurs and farmers. They should be offered an alternative to paid employee leave. If they belong to the risk group, they too should be able to protect their health.

16:58: Corporal punishment in Chechnya for violation

In the Russian republic of Chechnya has the head of the republic Ramzan Kadyrov defended a police beating attack against a resident. The healthy man is said to have violated general self-isolation requirements due to the coronavirus pandemic and was beaten for it. “Better to hit one than to bury a thousand,” said Kadyrov in a video posted on Instagram. “I beat those who need it with the truncheon, and those who need it I throw in jail and in the basement, but I will protect my people,” he said.

The politician leads the Islamic Republic in the North Caucasus like a dictatorship. Civil rights activists repeatedly complain about the most serious violations of human rights, including torture and arbitrary justice. Kadyrov assures his loyalty to the Kremlin in the capital, Grosny, but is largely unaffected by Moscow guidelines.

4:54 p.m .: Community service extended for risk groups

Civil servants whose service would have ended at the end of March are still considered to be obliged due to the Corona crisis, even if they belong to a risk group. The community service agency expressly emphasizes this on its website.

Accordingly, asthmatics or diabetics, for whom an infection with SARS-CoV-2 would pose an additional health risk, have to continue their previous work in the community service until June. However, the community service agency recommends those affected to report “all health restrictions” to their line manager at the facility. “In the sense of its duty of care”, the institution had to take the reported health problems into account “as best as possible”.

4.47 p.m .: Protective masks for South Tyrol are leaking

A large delivery of FFP2 and FFP3 protective masks destined for South Tyrol, which were procured from China with the help of a sporting goods manufacturer and which were first transported to Vienna-Schwechat with an AUA machine, is of no use. The Vienna Ministry of Economy has confirmed this.

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4:39 pm: Premier Johnson is treated with oxygen

The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is still in hospital with coronavirus symptoms. “He spent the night in the hospital,” government officials said in London on Monday. Johnson had been admitted on Sunday. According to a report by the “Times”, he is supplied with additional oxygen there.

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16:38: Fraud millions with face masks

A 39-year-old was arrested in Singapore under suspicion of the fraud of millions with face masks and disinfectant hand gel, according to Europol information. The man is said to have defrauded a company of around seven million euros, according to the European police authority in The Hague on Monday. Europol had turned on the Singapore police; she arrested the man.

The suspect is said to have misused the identity of a real company and offered medical aids in the fight against the coronavirus at their email address. According to Europol, a European pharmaceutical company had ordered and paid for face masks worth almost seven million euros. But as soon as the money was transferred to an account in Singapore, the man went into hiding. The masks had never arrived. The European police force has registered an increase in crimes related to the corona pandemic. Criminals therefore take advantage of the crisis and people’s fears.

16:28: Travel warnings for 29 countries, but no travel ban

It was “no travel warning (highest level 6 in security levels, note) for the whole world“, the six-step travel information for Austrians who want to go abroad, but were generally increased in the course of the Corona crisis, it said on Monday the State Department at the request of the APA. A travel warning applies to 29 countries. But even for these there is no travel ban. “However, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly advises against any travel,” emphasized the Ministry, among other things. with reference to very limited options for bringing Austrians back home in an emergency.

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16:21: “Train attendants will not play sheriff”

The Austrian Federal Railways will not distribute masks themselves on the next Monday as of the validity of the mask requirement in public transport. The train attendants will not intervene directly if the mask requirement is not met. However, an ÖBB spokesman pointed out that there was still no official information regarding the regulations on Monday afternoon.

“Our train attendants will not play sheriffs – they cannot and they cannot,” explained Daniel Pinka from the APA’s ÖBB media department. The passenger would be politely advised of the obligation to wear a mask and would probably have to contact the police if the rules are not followed. The blanket distribution of masks at more than 1,000 train stations across Austria was not feasible for logistical reasons alone. “Our mission is to provide our own employees with masks. It will not run out for all passengers with masks.”

4.15pm: Doctors in Pakistan arrested after protests

Several doctors have been arrested by police following protests in Pakistan for more protective clothing against the corona virus. The police in the West Pakistani provincial capital of Quetta, Baluchistan, used violence against the doctors, the doctor said Yassir Achaksai the German Press Agency on Monday. At least a dozen doctors were arrested, said Achaksai, who had demonstrated himself. The police initially did not comment on the incident.

Pakistan has since the spread of the corona virus in the country, according to the health minister Safari Mirsa Received thousands of masks and suits for medical personnel from China. Protective equipment is scarce worldwide. Only about half of the doctors in the province can currently be equipped with it, said Achaksai.

4:06 pm: Innsbruck opens parks and promenades

In Innsbruck, the city parks, the entire Inn and Sill promenade and the hiking car parks will be reopened tomorrow. This was shared by the mayor Georg Willi (Green) on Monday in a broadcast with. He was also pleased that the number of people who had recovered in the meantime has already exceeded the number of those currently infected in Innsbruck. “As of midday today we had 195 recovered in Innsbruck with 174 currently infected people,” said Willi and Vice Mayor Johannes Anzengruber (ÖVP). However, playgrounds should remain closed, on the advice of the experts.

4:02 p.m .: 1,500 euros for nurses in Germany

Because of their special burden in the Corona crisis, nurses in Germany receive a special bonus of 1,500 euros. The trade union ver.di and the Federal Association of Employers in the Nursing Industry (BVAP) agreed on this at the weekend, as ver.di announced on Monday.

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15:52: Prince Charles and Camilla reunited

The British heir to the throne is a few days before her 15th wedding anniversary Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla reunited. Charles (71) had survived a corona infection with mild symptoms a week ago. As a precaution, Camilla (72) had to self-isolate for 14 days until Monday to be absolutely sure that she was not infected. The two are in the Scottish country house of Birkhall in the county of Aberdeenshire, but they have been separated there recently. On Thursday they have their 15th wedding anniversary.

3:47 pm: An overview of the current infection numbers

3.35 p.m .: Wiener Festwochen canceled

The Wiener Festwochen, which should have taken place from May 15th to June 21st, will be completely canceled due to the ban on events that will apply until the end of June as part of the corona crisis. A spokeswoman for the festival said on Monday.

“We continue to work on alternative options and very much hope that at least parts of the festival will enrich the city’s cultural program by 2020,” said a statement. A spokeswoman for the APA said that “intensive talks” are currently being held with individual productions on whether they can be shown later in the year.

3:29 pm: 700 children sing “Nessun Dorma”

The cultural organization Europa InCanto in Rome asked girls and boys in Italy, Europe and beyond to sing the song “Nobody sleep” from the opera “Turandot” by Giacomo Puccini to sing and send on video. The organizers combined a virtual choir from around 700 responses. They put their “message of hope” on the web with the photos of many children involved – often with headphones and self-made name tags:

3:24 pm: Viennese market stallholders will be waived a fee for April

Due to the current exit restrictions due to the corona virus, the visit to the Viennese markets has also drastically decreased. Vienna now waives the fee or lease for April for the stand retailers. The mayor said Michael Ludwig (SPÖ) in a broadcast with. The Brunnenmarkt was mentioned as an example of the decline in frequency. In March, around 10,000 visitors were counted there every week – half as much as in the comparable period in 2019.

According to the town hall, the trend can be felt even more clearly in markets that are also a popular tourist destination, for example on the Naschmarkt. It could be said that a total failure occurred at some stands.

3.13 p.m .: New podcast episode

As of today, the mouth-nose protection obligation applies in supermarkets – and questions are still open. In the current podcast clarifies infection specialist Bernhard Haas (Kages), how well protective masks made of fabric can work, how to avoid having to face each other and who is counted as a corona dead man in Austria.

3:05 p.m .: Vatican set up emergency relief funds for poor countries

The Catholic Church has set up an emergency aid fund for victims of the corona crisis in poorer countries. As the Vatican information service “Fides” announced, the fund should support church hospitals, homes and schools that are particularly affected by the pandemic.

For the fund located at the Pontifical Mission Societies Pope Francis a starting capital of $ 750,000. At the same time, he asked all church organizations, as far as possible, to support this fund through the missions in their countries. In Austria, Germany and Switzerland these are the Pontifical Mission Societies (“Missio”) with offices in Vienna, Aachen, Munich and Freiburg. With this, the Pope is calling on the entire worldwide network of the Church to face the challenges ahead, Cardinal said Luis Tagle, Head of the Pontifical Missionary Congregation.

2.45 p.m .: Employee criticism due to exception among risk groups

Employee representatives bump into an exception to the protection of risk groups against the corona virus presented on Monday. Accordingly, the employer should exempt them if, for example, work from home is not possible. However, this does not apply to employees with critical infrastructure such as retail, nursing or childcare.

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2.40 p.m .: Salzburg Whitsun Festival canceled for 2020

Following the cancellation of the Easter Festival, the Salzburg Whitsun Festival is now falling victim to measures to curb the coronavirus pandemic. Because of the ban on events presented by the federal government until the end of June, the festival planned for May 29 to June 1 cannot take place either. The festival management announced a more detailed statement for today.

2.32 p.m .: XXXLutz is angry about the preference for hardware stores

The next conflict is looming in retail. At first it was the dispute over the sale of clothing, children’s toys or garden furniture in the food trade that angered specialist dealers. Now the furniture group XXXLutz is annoyed about a preference for the DIY and garden centers. These may be unlocked again from April 14, the furniture trade only from May 2.

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2:25 p.m .: No sports and cultural events in front of an audience until the end of June

Professional sports in front of spectators will largely stand still for many more weeks in Austria due to the corona pandemic. As the federal government announced on Monday, public events cannot take place until the end of June. This includes all sports and cultural events with the involvement of the public.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Sports said on request of the APA whether or not there could be ghost games in Austria’s Bundesliga, depending on what the direction of the march would be if the Covid measures were relaxed. First of all, there will be exceptions such as training opportunities for professional athletes. This had Vice Chancellor and Minister of Sport Werner Kogler (Green) prospect “in the next few weeks”. This week there will be a press conference with explanations in the field of sports and culture.

2:08 p.m .: Great media coverage for Austria’s easing measures

The announced relaxation of the coronavirus measures in Austria has also attracted international attention. “Austria starts up for a short time!”, Headlined the German tabloid “Bild” on Monday afternoon in large yellow letters on the Internet, next to a picture of the Federal Chancellor with a protective mask. “Austria has one of the strictest restrictions in Europe because of the Corona crisis. Now the country is planning to ease the measures very slowly and carefully,” wrote the “Bild” newspaper. The presentation is similar of the Swiss tabloid “Blick”. “Exit plan from the Corona crisis – with built-in emergency brake. Austria will open its stores on April 14”, read the full screen on the “Blick” home page.

Austria was also the leader on Monday afternoon on the sides of “World” and “Mirror online”. “Briefly put the mask behind the protective screen and explain the next steps,” headlined the Springer newspaper. “Austria wants to gradually relax anti-corona measures,” read the online edition of the Hamburg magazine.

2:01 p.m .: Shanghai donated 21,000 protective masks to the city of Salzburg

The city of Shanghai has donated 3,000 medical and 18,000 regular protective masks for doctors, nurses and patients of the state hospitals to its Austrian partner city of Salzburg. The cost of air freight to Vienna was also borne by the Chinese metropolis. Incidentally, the delivery was threaded by the former Mayor of Salzburg Heinz damage and his wife Jianzhen.

Damage, who is currently serving the unconditional part of his sentence with an ankle bracelet after a conviction in the Salzburg financial scandal, has been married to the Chinese native since 2013. His wife has been head of the China Liaison Office between the City and Province of Salzburg since 2002. “We learned from bottlenecks in protective equipment from employees of the state clinics and considered how we could use our good contacts,” said the ex-mayor in an APA interview.

13:57: Tiger tested positive in New York Zoo

In a zoo in New York, a tiger has tested positive for the novel corona virus. The four-year-old tiger lady “Nadia” in the Bronx zoo was allegedly infected by a keeper, said the Wildlife Conservation Society responsible for the administration of the city’s zoological gardens on Sunday. The nurse had therefore shown no symptoms of the virus at the time.

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1:44 p.m .: Almost 10,000 people died in the USA

The number of deaths in the United States rose by more than 1,200 within 24 hours, according to statistics from Johns Hopkins University on Sunday evening. The statistics show a total of 9,633 deaths. The number of cases of infection recorded rose to more than 337,200, making the United States by far the country with the most infections.

The supervisor of the US health services, Jerome Adams, warned that the United States was facing particularly difficult days. This will be the “hardest and saddest week” that most US citizens have experienced in their lives, Adams said on Fox News. “This will be our Pearl Harbor moment, our 9-11 moment” – with the difference, however, that the event is not limited to one place in the USA.

1:40 p.m .: Online trade also suffers massively

The majority of online retailers are also suffering severely from the effects of the corona pandemic. Overall, e-commerce sales in March were almost 20 percent below the previous year’s level, as the German Federal Association for E-Commerce and Mail Order (bevh) announced on Monday. “E-commerce is now a normal shopping channel. That is why such a crisis in consumer sentiment has a full impact on our industry,” said the bevh president Gero Furchheim. The claim that online trading will emerge as a winner from the corona pandemic is “simply wrong”.

According to the association’s survey in March, there were drastic drops in sales, especially in the online trade in fashion, shoes, electronics, computers and books. “Only the categories that were also in high demand in the retail sector were able to record significant increases in some cases: groceries, drugstores, medicines and do-it-yourself or hardware store ranges,” the association reported.

1.30 p.m .: Poland’s deputy prime minister resigned

Poland’s deputy prime minister is in dispute over the postponement of the presidential election scheduled for May 10 Jaroslaw Gowin resigned. Gowin justified this move on Monday in Warsaw on Monday, saying that he had not been able to convince other politicians in the camp of the national conservative governing party PiS that the election had to be postponed.

“I believe that the election cannot be held on May 10,” the head of the smaller coalition party, Porozumienie (understanding) told journalists. Therefore, he withdraws. Like Gowin, opposition figures had already described a vote as too dangerous at the expected peak of the virus outbreak. Gowin emphasized that his party is sticking to the government alliance. However, his resignation is the biggest burden for the coalition so far. Without its junior partner Porozumienie, the PiS coalition would no longer have a majority.

1:22 p.m .: Tyrolean full quarantine ends on Tuesday

While the exit restrictions throughout Austria still last until the end of April, a Tyrolean specific ends tomorrow, Tuesday: the so-called full quarantine. This shared the governor Günther Platter (ÖVP) in a video press conference on Monday. According to the regulation, citizens have so far only been allowed to drive from one municipality to another in exceptional cases.

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1.00 p.m .: Press conference of the Tyrolean state government

The Tyrolean regional government wants to provide a press conference starting at 1:00 p.m. about “Current events in Tyrol”. Governor, among others, have their say Günther Platter (ÖVP), Deputy Governor Ingrid Felipe (Green) and microbiologist Cornelia Lass-Flörl. Here you can see the press conference in the livestream:

12.55 p.m .: Nova Rock 2020 canceled

After the government announced Monday that events will remain banned until the end of June, it is clear that Nova Rock 2020 cannot take place. The festival, which was planned to take place in Nickelsdorf from June 10th to 13th, has been canceled Ewald Tatar.

“As organizers, we are, of course, 100 percent behind this government decision, although we would have preferred this decision much earlier,” said the organizers in a statement. It was “of course a real shame”, but it was a situation that one understood due to the existing situation and “fully” shared. “Now please give us time to organize everything here and to provide you with further information as soon as possible,” it said.

12.39 p.m .: Briefly suspected “infection” at one percent

Corona disease in Austria takes place in the per thousand range. The Chancellor said Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) at the government press conference on the current situation, citing interim results of the representative tests in the population. According to him, the infection is around one percent.

Over 12,200 positive test results are currently known in Austria. However, it was always assumed that the number of unreported cases was significantly higher, which is why a broader series of tests was carried out with a good 2,000 people, the results of which, according to Kurz, will probably be available on Tuesday. If you were really only in the alcohol range or approximately one percent, that would mean a maximum of around 88,000 and would therefore tend to have a lower unreported figure than expected in some places.

12:34 p.m .: In New Zealand the Easter Bunny is “systemically important”

The New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has assured that the Easter bunny will be in action over Easter despite the Corona crisis. Like the tooth fairy, the Easter bunny offers an essential serviceArdern clarified at a press conference on Monday. The state of emergency also prevails in the Pacific state because of the virus, and people are only allowed to leave the home little.

12.26 p.m .: 12 tons of protective equipment arrived in Vienna at the weekend

At the weekend, an AUA plane landed at Vienna International Airport, coming from Shanghai, with a total of 12 tons of urgently needed protective equipment. The protective equipment was organized by the City of Vienna in close cooperation between the Vienna Hospital Association and the State Task Force, led by the Vienna Rescue Service. The delivery was received by the city councilors Peter Hanke and Peter Hacker.

As part of the delivery, the Wiener Einsatzstab 400,000 surgical masks, 20,000 protective suits, 10,000 face shields and 20,000 safety glasses are accepted. As of today, this equipment will be made available to Viennese hospitals, nursing homes, Viennese resident doctors, emergency services and to other critical infrastructure units after they have been checked. The distribution is based on priority and current stock levels.

12.20 p.m .: 52 dead in a retirement home in Bergamo

A third of the 150 residents of a retirement home near the Lombardy city of Bergamo has succumbed to Covid-19 within a month. The Sant ‘Andrea retirement home in Clusone near Bergamo reported 52 fatalities.

The first four infected people were taken away by ambulance and died in the hospital. The other seniors in the home were not cut back, however, according to the nurses, there were many symptoms such as high fever and difficulty breathing.

12.14 p.m .: Volksanwalt: Case-by-case exaggerated hardship with penalties

In the times of the Corona crisis, the public prosecutor’s office has identified an “exaggerated” harshness in the measures taken by the police to combat the virus. As the Volksanwalt responsible for the interests of the Interior Ministry Walter Rosenkranz (FPÖ) noted in a broadcast on Monday, would Austria also regulates bans differently.

“On the one hand, the federal government is demanding a lot from the population in order to contain the Corona pandemic crisis. On the other hand, the Ombudsman Service has numerous reports actual or alleged hardship before punishment“According to Rosenkranz. Of course, it is not a question of disparaging the work of the police. The officials do” great work that is exhausting due to the situation and even dangerous due to the risk of infection “.

12.07 p.m .: Confusing Easter decree withdrawn

Minister of Social Affairs Rudolf Anschober (Greens) made it clear that the so-called Easter decree, according to which one may only receive five additional people in the apartment, will be withdrawn. This was not necessary, the traffic restrictions alone were enough to dissolve corona parties.

12:00 p.m .: Japan apparently wants to declare a state of emergency

The government in Japan apparently wants to declare a state of emergency because of the corona crisis. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is reportedly planning to meet with an advisory panel on Monday evening. It is expected that he will then announce the state of emergency on Tuesday. Japan has recently seen a rapid increase in coronavirus infections.

On Sunday, the government in Tokyo reported 148 new infections with the novel corona virus. The increase – albeit significantly lower than in Europe or the USA – once again triggered demands for tightening the containment measures.

11.55 a.m .: World Medical Association calls for exit strategy

In the debate about easing massive restrictions in public life, the head of the World Medical Association, Frank Ulrich Montgomery, warned of a fixed exit date. “Politicians should now commit to an exit strategy,” Montgomery told Monday’s “Bild” newspaper.

However, the beginning of the exit was “not a calendar date”, but had to be based on the “duration in which infections in an area double”. He warned “of a yo-yo effect in the infectionsMeanwhile, according to Johns Hopkins University, the total number of people infected worldwide rose to 1,277,962 (as of Monday, 11:20 am)

11:53 am: Billa and Co. charge one euro per mask

Rewe boss Marcel Haraszti: “After we distributed a first contingent for the initial equipment free of charge, we will now collect a cost contribution of one euro per piece. “But nobody is forced to buy it.

11.45 a.m .: Malaria drug gives hope for efficacy in Covid patients

Currently, hydroxychloroquine and the related substance, chloroquine, studied in clinical trials for the treatment of COVID-19. 130 million cans will be made available worldwide, and a notable number of them will soon be made available in Austria via Sandoz, a subsidiary of Novartis.

10:35 am: Bishop gave blessings from helicopters in Panama

In Panama, a Catholic bishop blessed people from a helicopter because of the Palm Sunday coronavirus pandemic. Archbishop Jose Domingo Ulloa celebrated mass in an airport hangar at the start of Holy Week and then climbed into a helicopter with a statue of the Virgin and a monstrance.

10:24: Italy thinks of restarting schools in September

The Italian government is considering opening schools again in September. If there is still a risk of epidemics, measures should be taken to distance the students from school classes, said Italian Minister of Education Lucia Azzolina in a TV interview on Sunday evening.

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10:06: The popularity of the Czech ruling party increased sharply

The popularity of the Czech protest party ANO by Prime Minister Andrej Babis has risen sharply in the midst of the corona crisis. ANO is coming, according to the first voter poll since the pandemic broke out currently to 34.5 percent. The other parties are far behind – at 14 percent or less, as the poll by the polling institute Kantar CZ shows.

ANO can therefore register an increase of more than four percentage points. According to the poll, the conservative Democratic Citizens’ Party (ODS) could count on 14 percent of the vote, while pirates are in third place with 13.5 percent. All other parties, including the co-governing Social Democrats (CSSD) or the liberal-conservative TOP 09, whose honorary chairman is Karel Schwarzenberg, land near the five percent hurdle.

9:56 am: Celebrate Easter sustainably in times of the corona crisis

In order to have a nice and environmentally friendly Easter despite the restrictions in everyday life, the Environmental protection organization Greenpeace 10 eco tips compiled. These are intended to support people in coping with the crisis and encourage them to protect the environment when shopping and eating – for example by coloring Easter eggs with natural ingredients and using organic products for the Easter snack.

9:45 am: Mourning for fire brigade after Covid 19 death of doctor

After the Covid-19 death of a Lower Austrian family doctor on Sunday, the fire brigade also mourns in his home town. The doctor is “human to the end” volunteers wrote on Facebook. The President of the Austrian Medical Association, Thomas Szekeres, showed “deeply shaken”.

The doctor from Lower Austria was also a fire fighter. His ordination was still open until the very end, in fire brigades he supported the breathability tests “with full energy”, the comrades emphasized. The doctor had been a member of the fire brigade since September 1, 1988 and had received multiple awards for his services.

9:22 am: Hungary: Kurz wants to “look very closely”

Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) wants to “look very closely” whether the extraordinary measures to combat the corona virus are being withdrawn in other countries. “This applies to Hungary as well as to all other countries,” he said in an interview published by the “Tiroler Tageszeitung”, the “Vorarlberger Nachrichten” and the “Oberösterreichische Nachrichten”.

“As soon as we successfully fought Covid-19, we will withdraw the measures and, of course, also look very carefully to see whether they will also be withdrawn outside of Austria. And no attempt is made to use the disease to restrict liberties. That applies to Hungary as well as to all other countries, “said the ÖVP boss.

9:01 am: Singer Pink was afraid of Corona’s son

Singer Pink (40, “What About Us”) said she was afraid of her son Jameson (3), who had the coronavirus. “There were many nights I cried and I have never prayed in my life“said the mother of two children, as the US celebrity magazine” People “reports.

Your son “been very, very sick”. He “had the worst of it”Pink said about Covid-19. She wrote down her son’s symptoms every day for three weeks. “It was a roller coaster ride for both of us,” said Pink. There is no one who is safe from the corona virus. So there is no guarantee that children will be spared.

Pink also criticized the fact that corona tests in the United States are not easily accessible to the entire population.

8.54 a.m .: Apple develops transparent face protection

The transparent plastic masks cover the entire face and are intended for hospital staff, says CEO Tim Cook. The company will be able to produce one million masks a week.

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8:34 am: Two French doctors cause racism with statements about vaccine tests in Africa

The racist proposal garnered a lot of criticism. Among others from soccer star David Alaba.

8:22 a.m .: Psychotherapy helpline 0720 12 00 12 offers free help daily from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

The exceptional situation due to the corona crisis represents a major challenge and psychological burden for the population. It is currently not foreseeable when the exit restrictions will be lifted and everyday life will return to normal. But even if the restrictions relax, we will feel the psychological after-effects in personal and social life for a long time

8:12 am: Number of new infections in South Korea falls below 50

The number of new infections with the coronavirus recorded in South Korea has dropped to less than 50 for the first time since the peak in late February. At the On Sunday, 47 people had tested positive for Sars-CoV-2the health authorities said on Monday. South Korea now applies among other things thanks to its rigid test program as a model for the containment of the virus.

Vice Minister of Health Kim Gang-lip warned, however, in the face of local clusters and new “imported” cases, that the numbers were too important. At the weekend, only around 6,000 virus tests were carried out per day, instead of around 10,000 on weekdays.

8:06 am: British Prime Minister spent the night in the hospital

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is still in hospital with coronavirus symptoms. “He spent the night in the hospitalGovernment officials said in London on Monday. Johnson had been admitted on Sunday. His office said that it was a “precaution”.

7.44 a.m .: Handelsverband recommends loosening in shops of all sizes

As of Friday, picking up pre-ordered meals in inns has been allowed again. A sensible step by the federal government that is also urgently needed in other areasto limit the negative economic impact of the Corona crisis. Now it’s about one concrete timetable for the structured startup of the sectors particularly affected by the shutdown elaborate – of course, taking into account the health regulations, the trade association writes in a mailing.

7.40 a.m .: Corona standstill ensures bankruptcy before a possible storm

In the first quarter, in the later phase of which the corona crisis began, there was significant less bankruptcies and fewer personal bankruptcies than in the same period last year. How violent the crisis will ultimately be is open: “How many bankruptcies there will be throughout the year depends on how the next three months develop,” said KSV expert Hans-Georg Kantner to the APA.

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7:31 am: Significantly fewer new cases in Germany

In Germany, the new infections are the falling for the fourth consecutive day. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) reported a further 3677 confirmed cases on Monday. The number rose to a total of 95,391. The increase was less than the 5936 new infections announced on Sunday. The number of deaths rose by 92 to 1,434.

According to calculations by Johns Hopkins University there are already more than in Germany 100,000 infections. Germany is one of the countries with the most confirmed corona cases worldwide. Only the United States, Italy, and Spain reported more infections. The However, the death rate in Germany is significantly lower than in these countries.

07:14: Short-time work funds are increased from 1 to 3 billion

Because of the high need for funds for short-time work support in the Corona crisis The government is increasing the funds earmarked for this from one to three billion euros. Finance minister Gernot Blümel and employment minister Christine Aschbacher (both ÖVP) will initiate this by ordinance, the department heads said about the APA.

Corona short-time work requests worth a billion euros had already been approved by Friday. “Corona short-time work has so far secured around 400,000 jobs in Austria “said Minister Aschbacher. The model was adopted very strongly. As of Wednesday alone, more than 10,000 other companies had submitted short-time work requests within 72 hours, up to Friday 23,021. Even now, applications for short-time work would correspond to twice as many saved jobs as additional unemployed.

7:10 am: Fundamental rights restricted in many EU countries

Most EU countries have now restricted their citizens’ fundamental rights in the fight against the corona virus. “So far, 20 EU countries have passed some kind of emergency legislation to successfully combat the corona crisis and to be able to implement the necessary measures such as exit restrictions (…) “, EU Commission Vice President Vera Jourova told the newspaper” Die Welt “.

7:04 am: Fired commander infected by US aircraft carrier

The recently fired Pentagon commander of a US aircraft carrier on which the corona virus had spread has tested positive for the pathogen itself, according to a newspaper report. Captain Brett Crozier showed symptoms of the infection even before he was released on Thursday, the New York Times reported on Sunday.

Crozier had been removed from his post for a fire letter to the media regarding the situation on board the “USS Theodore Roosevelt”. The officer had insisted on an evacuation of the ship. “We are not at war. No seafarers have to die,” he was quoted by the US media.

>> Our colleagues from reported extensively about the conflict between Crozier and Trump

7:02 am: Boris Johnson hospitalized for tests

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been hospitalized for his Covid 19 illness. This was announced by the seat of government in London on Sunday evening. According to this, the hospital stay serves for tests, since the corona symptoms have not yet subsided with the head of government.

>> More on Johnson’s health

5:36 am: Decline in deaths in Italy, France and Spain

Hope in Italy, Spain and France: The rise in corona deaths in Europe’s hardest hit by the corona pandemic is weakening. Italy reported the lowest increase in more than two weeks on Sunday. In Spain, the number of deaths fell for the third day in a row, while France registered the lowest increase in a week.

In Italy, 525 people died within 24 hours of the coronavirus-induced lung disease Covid-19, according to the Italian civil defense. This was a quarter less than on Saturday when 681 patients succumbed to the disease. It was also the smallest increase since March 19, when 427 deaths were registered. “This is good news, but we should continue to be on guard,” said Civil Defense chief Angelo Borreli. In total, 15,887 people in Italy have died from the lung disease Covid-19 caused by the virus.

“The curve is flattening and the death toll is starting to decrease,” said the director of Italy’s Supreme Health Institute (ISS), Silvio Brusaferro. If this development continues, it could be considered to loosen curfews.

5:15 p.m .: “We will win”

Queen Elizabeth II has urged the British to persevere in the coronavirus pandemic in a historic speech and has given them courage. “We are fighting this disease together,” said the 93-year-old monarch in the eagerly awaited speechwhich was broadcast on Sunday evening. “If we stay united and determined, we will overcome them“said the Queen.

04.31 a.m .: duty mask for supermarkets and drugstores

As of Monday, wearing mouth-nose protection masks (MNS) is mandatory in supermarkets and drugstores. Business premises with a customer area of ​​over 400 square meters are affected. The aim of the wear is to prevent other people from being infected by droplet infections when coughing or sneezing. Self-sewn masks or scarves can also be used.

The masks are to be provided by the trading companies “free of charge”. For the gradual end of the “shutdown” announced after Easter, the mask requirement could be extended and also made a requirement for the resumption of production or other operational activities. The Medical Association (ÖÄK) is for wearing simple protective masks in public life to contain the coronavirus.

3:20 a.m .: Trump wants to bring back professional sports as soon as possible

US President Donald Trump hopes that game operations in the major American leagues will resume soon. Trump said this after a conference call with the league bosses and other professionals from Saturday’s professional sports event in Washington. “I want the fans back in the arenas. As soon as we’re ready,” Trump said afterwards.

2:05 am: Medical Association shaken by the death of a family doctor

According to the Medical Association for Lower Austria, Covid-19 has claimed the first fatality among medical professionals in the state. According to a broadcast, it was a family doctor, “who has looked after his patients in his ordination until the very end“. The patient died in the intensive care unit of a hospital, announced a spokeswoman for the chamber on APA request. The doctor had worked beyond the statutory retirement age.

01:38: Daily number of victims clearly reduced for the first time

Italy reports for the first time a clearly falling number of daily Covid-19 fatalities. On Sunday, the number of coronavirus deaths increased by 525 in 24 hours to a total of 15,887, the lowest since March 19. The peak was reached on March 26 with a record of 969 deaths in one day. The number of infected people in Italy rose from 88,274 to 91,246said the civil defense. The number of patients in the intensive care unit was 3,997. 28,949 people are still in the Italian hospitals. Both the number of sick people in hospitals as well as those in intensive care units decreased.

00:15: Over 1,380 dead in Germany

In Germany there are at least until Sunday afternoon 94,927 infections with the new corona virus have been registered (The previous day at 4.15 p.m .: over 89,300 infections). This is the result of an evaluation by the German Press Agency, which takes into account the latest figures from the federal states. At least 1,384 people infected with Sars-CoV-2 have reportedly died across Germany to date (Previous day at 4.15 p.m .: 1.103).

00:02: “Many dead” because of Corona in the USA

US president Donald Trump has plunged the United States into tough times as coronavirus epidemics increase in numbers. There will be “a lot of deaths in the next two weeks, unfortunately,” Trump said in the White House. The coming and the following week would probably be the worst, Trump said. The chief health officer, Vice Admiral Jerome Adams, added: “It will be a test of our resilience. It will be the test of our life.“Now all Americans should stick to the protective measures for a month and wear masks in public,” he said.

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Coronavirus info point


If you are with you Cold symptoms notice, then the following applies: stay at home and avoid contacts with other people!
If there is an additional fever or if the condition worsens, it should Healthphone 1450 to be called.
At general questions please select the AGES Infoline Coronavirus: 0800 555 621 .
The number 1450 is only for people with complaints! The following applies: Always inquire by phone first, never go to a doctor’s office or hospital with suspected corona!

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Who had contact with people from the affected regions or comes back to Austria from these regions and
Symptoms such as fever or cough noticed within 14 days:
always report first by phone! Under no circumstances simply drive to the family doctor or to the hospital!
First contact your family doctor by phone or call the 1450 health phone,
there is also a special one Coronavirus hotline (Tel. 0800 555 621).

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Coronavirus info point


If you are with you Cold symptoms notice, then the following applies: stay at home and avoid contacts with other people!
If there is an additional fever or if the condition worsens, it should Healthphone 1450 to be called.
At general questions please select the AGES Infoline Coronavirus: 0800 555 621 .
The number 1450 is only for people with complaints! The following applies: Always inquire by phone first, never go to a doctor’s office or hospital with suspected corona!

<! –
Who had contact with people from the affected regions or comes back to Austria from these regions and
Symptoms such as fever or cough noticed within 14 days:
always report first by phone! Under no circumstances simply drive to the family doctor or to the hospital!
First contact your family doctor by phone or call the 1450 health phone,
there is also a special one Coronavirus hotline (Tel. 0800 555 621).

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