Infections in Belgium increased by almost half • Two million corona cases in India

92 new infections were counted in Aruba, reports the government. There are now 146 active infections, of which 140 have been added in the past four days. 100,000 people live in Aruba.

“I will not be surprised if many more infections are added in the coming days,” said Prime Minister Evelyn Wever-Croes, Antillean Dagblad. “I am concerned about the developments and disappointed in people’s behavior. This is the result of not following the guidelines.”

Many new infections were added to the island on Wednesday, when 46 were reported. New measures have been taken since then. Face masks are mandatory in shops, public transportation, and in taxis, reports Caribbean Network. There is no fine on it yet. Furthermore, bars and night clubs must be closed, at least for the next two weeks.

If things do not improve on the island in the coming weeks, a new lockdown must be introduced, says Prime Minister Wever-Croes. “For now we have the situation under control. Panic is not necessary, but following the rules is.”

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