News Infection has increased in the outbreak in the Kutná...

Infection has increased in the outbreak in the Kutná Hora region, and drapes are again mandatory


A new outbreak appeared in the Církvice branch of HR Partner CZE, and its operation was closed. Originally, 13 people were infected, then more began to increase. Patients’ contacts are quarantined and tested by hygienists, a total of 100 people have to undergo testing.

“We agreed with the mayors of the municipalities of Křesetice, Úmonín and Červené Janovice to introduce preventive measures – wearing veils in public enclosed spaces,” said Šalamunová. According to her, people do not have to wear veils directly in Církvice, because none of the infected workers live there and the company premises are now out of operation.

Mayor of Církvice: Veils in our country as well

However, according to the mayor Jiří Volence (ČSSD), the measure also applies to the municipality. The covid-19 infection was also confirmed in a family in Církvice. “For these reasons, I am implementing the following measures: I order the wearing of veils to the municipal office, local post office, library and COOP store with immediate effect. I recommend keeping the spacing and thoroughly using disinfectants,” Volenec informed on Facebook.

According to Šalamunová, the Vosrkráč motorway in Církvice is also closed and the U Nevolů restaurants in Křesetice and U Zámku in Úmonín have limited operation. Visitors have a smaller number of seats, sit outside and have to keep a distance between tables and the like. Visits to the Kolín, Kutná Hora and Čáslav hospitals and to homes for the elderly in Čáslav, Kutná Hora and Uhlířské Janovice have previously been prevented as a precaution.

Kutná Hora City Hall stated that epidemiologists registered 34 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the entire Kutná Hora region, 33 of which were related to the outbreak in Církvice. Of the total number, 15 are from Kutná Hora. In all people, the disease is mild. The Mayor of Kutná Hora, Josef Viktora (YES), convened a meeting of the crisis staff on Friday, which could decide on possible further preventive measures.

The company HR Partner CZE manufactures superstructures and vehicles for the transport of animals, according to the executive Milan Dolejší, it is in constant contact with hygienists. Církvice is located five kilometers east of Kutná Hora. The local part of Jakub also belongs to it, a total of 1300 people live in the village.


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