Inexpensive All New BeAT goes away Honda launches new automatic motorcycle One liter of petrol can travel 75.4 kilometers


The affordable All New BeAT has come a long way, Honda has launched a new automatic motorcycle that is much more efficient

THE ENGINE – Honda BeAT is known as the engine matic the cheapest but now crushed by the younger brother.

The affordable All New BeAT went far beyond Honda’s launch the engine the new matic per liter of petrol can be more efficient than 75.4 kilometres.

As we know, Honda BeAT is proud of PT Astra Honda The engine (AHM) because it is very fuel efficient.

Using the ECE R40 method, PT AHM states that the Honda Beat’s petrol consumption is 60.6 km/litre using the Idling Stop System (ISS) function, i.e. ON.

Once on the petrol side it is able to travel 254.52 km because the tank capacity is 4.2 litres.

But there are also the engine made by Honda which are more efficient in using petrol.

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The Honda DUNK, like the Honda BeAT Street, has bare handlebars

Test results from the Japanese government’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism say it penetrates at 75.3 km/litre.

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