Inescapable, a new ‘social thriller’ announced for consoles and PC presents its trailer

Aksys Games announced during Anime Expo 2022 a new “social thriller” called Inescapable from the Finnish studio Dreamloop, apparently reminiscent of the visual novel saga Danganronpa by Spike Chunsoft. We show you his first trailer and images of a game that llegar este ao a PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch y PC.

On this occasion Inescapable presents 11 characters who have been kidnapped and taken to a tropical island in which they are forced to compete with each other for a price of $500,000. We are Harrison, one of these contestants playing against his will. This challenge is presented as a TV show “with no rules and no way to escape.” Their story will explore “human nature” and will push these characters to their limits in an environment where they are allowed to ignore the rules.

A technical team that wants to create their games

Dreamloop Games is the developer of Stardust Galaxy Warriors: Stellar Climaxa completely different title that was inspired by the shooter of ships. They also helped to recently adapt The Ascent a PS4 y PS5, Layers of Fear 2 a Nintendo Switch o Imp of the Sun to five different platforms. “Despite an emphasis on technical skills, the studio has maintained a creative team across all disciplines since 2015. His pause in launching his own projects has served to refine his ideas for future games and build a catalog of licenses to develop in the future,” says the team.

Inescapable visual novel and social thriller for consoles and PC

“We’ve spent the last few years honing the skills and building up a lot of creative energy for Inescapable,” says Joni Lappalainen, founder of Dreamloop. “Now with Inescapable in development we are giving the first steps to show the world that we make great games“.

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