inequality: education in the rural world at risk

The trade union organizations CGT educ’action 32, FNEC FP FO 32, FSU 32, Sud education 32 and SE-UNSA 32, united as an inter-union, demand sufficient resources for our department, and oppose the deterioration of study conditions. students and working conditions of teaching and non-teaching staff.

The inter-union spoke at a press point led by Betty Jean dit Teyssier (FSU 32), surrounded by Franciane Rodriguez school nurse (FO), Marie Peigne, school social worker (FO), Jean-Marie Laumenerch (SE- UNSA Éducation), Simon Lebourgeois (CGT Éducation 32) and Léah Tornare (SUD Éducation). In turn, the various union representatives expressed in their field the demands for the 2021-2022 school year and explained the following press release:

“In January, the establishments of the department received their means in teaching hours (Global Hourly Endowment) in order to prepare for the next school year. This allocation, allocated by the rectorate to establishments, determines the number of classes, the courses offered by establishment, as well as the number of students per class.

For the start of the 2021/2022 school year, the reduction in hours is much greater than in previous years because the rectorate has removed an envelope of resources specific to rural areas. However, these additional resources made it possible to maintain a minimum of equal treatment between pupils in the Occitanie region, taking into account the particularities of rural areas (modest numbers, distance between housing and establishment, territorial network to maintain a complete offer of rare lessons on the department, etc.).

Added to this is the continued degradation of the resources allocated to non-teaching National Education services: Social Service, School Life, AESH, Health as well as the various jobs of Territorial Agents, while the health context would require increased resources on the part of the ministry.

Despite the social movement carried by the establishments of the department since January, the DHG has remained the same. This will inevitably lead to a degradation of teaching conditions in the Gers. This reduction in hours would therefore have the following consequences for the department:

The abolition of teaching in the specialty “Music” at the lycée Alain Fournier in Mirande, the abolition of the teaching of the specialty “Spanish” in the lycée D’Artagnan in Nogaro.

The questioning of the sustainability of optional lessons, the elimination of practical work in scientific disciplines, larger groups of students in several specialty lessons linked to the impossibility of duplicating them, the elimination of hours of personalized support (AP), half-groups, hours of “homework done” in college, the abolition of 10 full-time equivalents in college and high school, the abolition of various educational projects.

The time envelope communicated by the Rectorate is therefore unacceptable in the current state. ! How to explain these cuts when the ministry has just returned 200 million euros from the previous budget? Which department is giving money back when the needs are dire?

It is therefore essential that we continue to mobilize all of us, parents of students, parent delegates, students, in order to defend the teaching conditions offered by the department to support a school offering the same study and learning conditions, and guarantee the principle of equality for pupils living in rural areas.

The National Education trade unions call on teachers to step up the mobilization, by organizing rallies in front of their establishments on Wednesday 17th, then to converge in front of the DSDEN during the next body of the Departmental Special Technical Committee (CTSD) during which the presentation will be presented. distribution of resources, and thus the opening and closing of teaching. “

The unions have announced that they will not sit on the next CDEN.



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