INEFI unveils graphic line, mascot, and logo for Barahona 2023 School Games

Inefi unveils graphic line, mascot and logo of the Barahona 2023 School Games

EL NUEVO DIARIO, SANTO DOMINGO.- The National Institute of Physical Education (INEFI) announced this Monday the graphic line, the logo, the mascot and the Olympic torch of the X National School Sports Games that will take place from the 7th to the 16th of November in Barahona, with sub-offices in San Juan de la Maguana, Bahoruco and Azua, with the participation of 3,645 students in 17 disciplines.

This was made known by Alberto Rodríguez Mella, executive director of INEFI, at a press conference held in the auditorium of the National Institute for Professional Technical Training (INFOTEP), emphasizing that said contest is “the top event of school sports in our country.”

Rodríguez Mella emphasized that the 2023 National School Sports Games “represent the opportunity for the rebirth of school sports, for change and social transformation for the benefit of our school athletes.”

The event also revealed the graphic line of the Games, the logo that will serve as an image of the event, and the Olympic torch that will travel through various regions prior to the start of this sports festival.

“We have a long way to go, but we are confident that the Games will be successful and will become a valuable contribution to Dominican school sports,” he emphasized.

“The Games already have an official date. On November 7, this sports festival will be opened, which will be held in the ‘Pearl of the South’, the province of Barahona, and we will also have important events and competitions in three other sub-venues: San Juan de la Maguana, Bahoruco and Azua”, revealed Rodríguez Mella.

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Rodríguez Mella highlighted that a graphic identity was created for the event that brings together colors, symbols and structures that reflect the spirit of the event in itself.

“For this reason we have chosen an isologotype where we use the representative colors of the school uniforms of the regions: Cibao Central, wine red; Cibao Norte, golden yellow; South, turquoise blue; East, green, and the Metropolitan Zone, royal blue, ”he reported.

He indicated that the logo is made up of an abstract representation of a young student carrying an Olympic torch and in an advancing attitude. This icon precedes the name of the games, the host region in main and sub-venues in secondary. In addition, the year of the celebration of this event.

Games Logo

Rodríguez Mella recognized that sports games need an identity so that the public, especially the children and young people who will compete and those who will be watching the athletes, have a reference and grow the expectation regarding the activity.

“Every sports celebration has a representative mascot that reflects the characteristics of the region, competitions, culture, etc. For this reason we propose that our mascot be a common and special species of the geographical areas where we will develop the games and I want everyone to welcome Juanita”, he indicated.

Rodríguez Mella revealed that one of the main works that we want to achieve in the INEFI and in the Dominican government is that the generation of young people who are in the school stage can find programs and activities in their schools that motivate them to be better citizens. .

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“We believe that establishing a strong physical education and school sports system will help our youth engage in healthy and productive activities through sport,” he said.

In this sense, he justified his tours “through a large part of the national territory, in order to improve the conditions of school sports facilities, carry out talks and clinics for high-performance athletes and training programs for teachers.”

presentation of the torch

When presenting the torch, Rodríguez Mella said that it “is special and unique, placing colors that symbolize the geographical, natural, and cultural characteristics of the headquarters and sub-headquarters: the Barahona larimar, the green meadows of San Juan, the incandescent Bahoruco sun and the intense blue of the spectacular sea off the coast of Azua”.

“Now we will have a new opportunity to be present in the different provinces of the Dominican Republic with the torch tour that we will carry out in the coming months,” he stressed.

17 disciplines in three zones

The host province, Barahona, will receive the athletes who will compete in track and field, adapted track and field, chess, basketball, 3×3 basketball, baseball, soccer and gymnastics.

In the sub-headquarters of San Juan de la Maguana they will be competing in handball, judo, karate, taekwondo and table tennis.

In Azua, school athletes will compete in futsal and softball. While in Bahoruco the badminton and volleyball athletes will see action.

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