Indosat users complain that they can’t access Twitter

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

User Indosat complaining can’t access Twitter since last night.

This was stated by a number of netizens who claimed they had not been able to update their timelines since Thursday (26/8).

Why can’t Indosat open Twitter from last night until morning?” tweeted the account @teguhharyadi.

Santhika, a Twitter user in Jakarta, felt a similar complaint. According to him, the Twitter application service could not be used if accessed using the Indosat network. However, the social media application can be accessed if you switch to a WiFi network.

“If you use Indosat no can refresh timeline and others. But if you change to WiFi, you can,” he explained when contacted Friday (27/8).

Twitter access also cannot be done when trying to open it through a browser.

The same thing happened to Hidayat, a private worker in Jakarta.

According to him, access to Twitter can not be done both in the application and browser.

Ga can enter Twitter, keep buffering. Earlier I opened twitter in chrome also can’t. If you use WiFi, you can,” he said.

Other netizens also made this complaint.

Twitter is fighting with Indosat, what’s going on??” tweeted the account @9itmr.

WiFi users with Indosat network also experience similar problems.

No wonder, WiFi at home uses Indosat, he doesn’t want to refresh this Twitter,” explained @ndrewreksa

Other Indosat users also complain that they just can’t access Twitter. However, the Indosat network can be used to access other services.

This is using Indosat GS refresh 2 min from last night when you open anything you can. So basically, every time I open Twitter, the 4G signal goes up and down, it’s not stable, but it’s safe to open an application on another site.. Please, what’s the solution, sir? Until I uninstalled the apk, it’s still the same @IndosatCare has contacted Indosat regarding this issue and has yet to receive a response.


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