Indosat GIG Closes November 25, Minister of Communication and Information: Remember Customers


Fixed internet service (fixed broadband) Indosat GIG will close this November 25th. Minister of Communication and Information (Minister of Communication and Information) Johnny G Plate reminds the question of the fate of the customer.

Indosat GIG is an internet service that targets homes and apartments, this is presented by PT Indosat Mega Media (IM2), a company whose ownership is 99.85% by Indosat Ooredoo.

This was conveyed by the Minister of Communication and Information to IM2, so that they meet the requirements for stopping Indosat GIG services, starting from submitting an application for service termination in accordance with the prevailing laws and regulations in Indonesia.

“Giving customers choice IM2 to get a service transfer to another service/telecommunication provider and/or return the subscription fee that has been paid for the remaining unfulfilled subscription period and/or the prepaid deposit paid by the customer,” said Johnny to detikINET, Tuesday (23/11/2021).

In addition, the Minister of Communication and Information stated that IM2 must fulfill other obligations, including payment of state receivables, in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations.

The Minister of Communication and Information will immediately order his staff to follow up on the meeting held with IM2 and Indosat by requesting a proposal to settle IM2’s obligations in accordance with the prevailing laws and regulations. The second meeting took place on November 20 yesterday.

“The approval and termination of IM2 services will be carried out by the Ministry of Communication and Informatics after evaluating the proposal submitted by IM2,” he concluded.

IM2 must close his fixed internet service, Indosat GIG, on this Thursday (25/12). This means that there are only two days left for Indosat GIG to close its service. Indosat GIG is here to compete with the services offered by IndiHome, Biznet, MyRepublic, First Media, and Oxygen.

IM2 closed Indosat GIG services due to a legal case, based on the Supreme Court’s decision no. 787 K/PID.SUS/2014 dated July 10, 2014. The company must pay a replacement penalty amounting to Rp 1.35 trillion.

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