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Indonesian Netizens Insult Israeli Soldiers on Social Media

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Tuesday, 21 Nov 2023 19:45 IWST

Unable to Face Blasphemy, Israeli Soldiers Will Report Indonesian Netizens / Photo: Israeli Soldiers disperse protests in the West Bank (AFP Photo)

Jakarta, Insertlive

The conflict between Israel and Hamas fighters in the Gaza Strip, Palestine has succeeded in stealing the attention of the world public. This is because the attacks carried out by the Israeli Zionist army were not only against Hamas fighters, but also all residents in Gaza.

The atrocities committed by the Zionist soldiers made many people angry. Many of them urge Israel to stop carrying out attacks on civilians in Palestine, especially women and children.

People throughout the world also expressed support for Palestinian independence. Indonesia, which is predominantly Muslim, is no exception.

Apart from distributing aid in the form of logistics, medicine and materials, the Indonesian people also took part in attacking the Zionist troops. Through social media, Indonesian netizens attacked accounts belonging to Zionist forces.

Suddenly, Indonesian netizens hurled insults after insults at the Zionist troops. Of course, this was done because they were fed up with the actions of the IDF soldiers who proudly shared their activities when attacking Gaza.

Indonesian netizens are famous for their massive enthusiasm in commenting on social media. This is what the Israeli soldiers are currently facing.

Recently, one of the Zionist troops threatened to report Indonesian netizens to the police over a series of insults thrown at the Israeli army’s social media. This was revealed by the X (Twitter) account which revealed the names of the Zionist troops’ Instagram accounts.

I want to report this IDF soldier and hope that I will be arrested by the Israeli police. Sis, you’re going to get even more trashed,” wrote the account @greschinov while sharing a screenshot of the Israeli army’s Instagram Stories upload.

The Israeli soldier’s Instagram account @edensissonn was seen revealing that he would report the Indonesian citizen who had attacked him on social media.

It is known that an Israeli soldier with the Instagram account @edensissonn uploaded a statement that he was in front of the Israeli police station.

I’m here to make a report on Indonesian people spreading information about me. I have all the information about him including his cell phone number,” wrote @edensissonn on his Instagram Stories.

Interpol will act and you will be arrested,” he continued.

He also appealed to other Zionist forces not to be afraid to report Indonesian netizens.

Don’t be silent under bullying, they say that what they are doing is to attack the IDF, but my boyfriend is also being bullied even though he is not an IDF soldier, that’s enough, okay?” he concluded.


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