Indonesian Designer Kleting Choose Unique Veils and Headpieces …


JAKARTA Designer Kleting Titis Wigati recently married writer Waizly Darwin. Kleting using a long veil combined with headpiece special.

In his official Instagram account @ zippers, this exotic-skinned designer shares his happy moments. He tied the knot at Tanah Living Park in the Tangerang area. The concept of a garden pary, Kleting’s wedding is celebrated quite simply. “May this Union will bring peace and always be filled with love for us,” wrote Kleting on her Instagram account.

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Kleting looked elegant wearing a new flea kebaya in Ivory white. This kebaya, designed by Mel Ahyar Bride, is decorated with silver and gold floral design beads.

The look of Kleting on her special day is even more elegant thanks to a white veil with a brocade design at the ends. The look of the veil is even more unique because Kleting combines it with a floral design headpiece that is worn like wearing a headband.

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The gold-colored headpiece is custom made by the Accessories label Made by Cinta. The contemporary style is very evident in the design of this headpiece.

Kleting is known as a designer who presents clothes with simple silhouettes but with a modern style. Kleting completed her year-long studies at Esmod Jakarta, Kleting graduated with the ‘Best Pattern Making’ award. After that he continued his studies at Istituto Marangoni, Milan, for 4 years.

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This designer, who likes traveling, worked as a product development assistant at Sixty Far East Hong Kong, which houses the Miss Sixty, Energie, and Killah brands. After returning to Jakarta, he briefly worked at Berik, an Italian-Hong Kong Italian motorcycle wear company, before finally establishing his own garment company and launching his label, KLE divisione donna.

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