“Indonesian Badminton Athlete Christian Adinata Injured at Malaysia Masters 2023”

TEMPO.CO, JakartaThe management of the Indonesian Badminton Association Center (PP PBSI) confirmed that the men’s singles athlete was injured Christian Adinata at the Malaysia Masters 2023 event, it is in the severe category. According to him, Christian’s injury needed serious treatment.

This was stated by the Head of the PP PBSI Medical Division doctor Nicolaas C Budhiparama who had examined Christian’s condition directly. He found a tear in the ligament of the left leg shell.

“Currently Christian really needs action to heal his knee injury. From the results of the MRI, his knee injury is indeed quite severe. Torn ligaments,” Nicolaas said in an official statement from PP PBSI in Jakarta, Monday, May 29, 2023.

In addition to the tear in the ligament muscle, Nicolaas also bruised the knee and bone cartilage defect or damage to the lining of the joints in the knee bones. As a treatment, Christian is scheduled to undergo suctioning of frozen blood on the knee Monday afternoon, May 29 2023.

The badminton athlete from Pati, Central Java, will undergo a recovery phase in the next few weeks. “Then as part of the healing, in the next three weeks, Christian’s knees cannot be bent first,” said Nicolaas.

Christian suffered an injury during the semifinal match Malaysia Masters 2023 against Prannoy HS from India, Saturday, 27 May 2023. The incident occurred in the first game, when Christian was engrossed in colliding returns with Prannoy in a tight 17-19 competition.

At that time Christian tried to do jumping smile to attack Prannoy. Unfortunately Christian made a wrong footing when his feet touched the ground. An unprepared pedestal makes his left leg immediately receive too much weight and damages the left leg’s ligament muscles.

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Christian immediately fell as soon as he landed on the court floor and endured the pain so he couldn’t get up. This incident caused the match to be stopped and Prannoy immediately approached Christian to confirm the condition of his opponent.

After being examined by the match medical team and accompanied by the men’s singles coach PBSI Irwansyah, finally Christian decided to withdraw because his condition was no longer possible to continue the fight. The match ended in the 27th minute and Christian missed the chance to advance to his first BWF Super 500 final.

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