Indonesia vs Malaysia “push” each other


Indonesian National U-17 they have not confirmed themselves in possession of tickets for the Asian Cup. Garuda Asia had to face Malaysia in the last qualifying match.

Indonesia is currently still leading Group B with nine points from three games. The result was achieved by Indonesia after beating Palestine 2-0 at Pakansari Stadium on Friday (7/10/2022) night.

Indonesia’s goals were scored by Ibrahim Alfuqaha’s own goal in the ninth minute, which made the team Milky Way lead 1-0 until half time. Habil Abdillah then consolidated Indonesia’s victory in the second round.


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Behind Indonesia, Malaysia have seven points after beating the UAE. As a result, in Group B only Indonesia and Malaysia are competing to become group winners as it has been confirmed that the UAE, Guam and Palestine have been eliminated.

Indonesia and Malaysia faced each other in the last game. The duel took place at the Pakansari stadium, Sunday (9/10/2022) WIB night. Victory is a fixed price for both countries, because if you finish in second place, it is not certain that you will win the third ticket. Asian U-17 Cup.

Indonesia could lose if they lose to Malaysia and finish in second place in Group B. Because, in the best ranking of the mini runners-up of all groups, the sweet results of Indonesia against Guam and Palestine will not be counted.

This is because Group H and Group J only have three teams. According to the rules, in determining the best second place in the standings, it is first necessary to adjust the number of matches.

Next there will be six out of 10 countries that have won tickets to the U-17 Asian Cup. So far the top six positions in the standings are occupied by China, India, Tajikistan, Thailand, Malaysia and Qatar.

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