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Indonesia sanctions against COVID-19 vaccine refuse

by world today news

18 February 2021


“Indonesia” prepared to use strong drugs Empower local government Punish people who refuse COVID-19 vaccination Reduce the risk of additional virus outbreak

OfficialIndonesia Prepare to issue measures forcing those who meet the criteriaGet vaccinated against COVID-19 To complete the projectVaccinationMove forward more quickly And can interceptEpidemicIn the country

The Indonesian government is able to punish those who refuse vaccination by suspending or postponing social assistance. Including government services As well as ordered a fine in money According to the rules that the President has ordered to revise. The local government will consider such punishment methods.

Forced vaccinationCOVID-19 That is not a normal practice People are reluctant to get vaccinated. A survey last September found that 65% of Indonesians needed the coronavirus vaccine. But the rest of the population remains concerned about the costs, risks and risks that it poses to the body. And compliance with Halal standards The concern has left the Indonesian government free of vaccination costs.

Indonesia has vaccinated more than 1.7 million doses for its people, with Indonesian leader Joko Widodo being vaccinated against COVID-19. The first dose from Sinovac Company Biotech of China to the past January. To build confidence among the people

However, Indonesia could take until the end of the year to get the vaccine to cover more than 180 million people.

In addition, it was reported that Indonesia started phase 2 of the COVID-19 vaccination program yesterday (17 Feb), with the population covering 38.5 million.

Phase 2 vaccination candidates include market professionals, seniors, teachers, religious leaders, council representatives, government officials, police and soldiers, security personnel, media, hospital personnel. Transportation sector employees And tourism


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