Indonesia is ranked 5th in the country with the largest diabetes sufferers in the world – Data International Diabetes The Federation (IDF) Atlas in 2021 stated that Indonesia was ranked 5th with the number of sufferers diabetes largest in the world.

This figure has almost doubled in just two years, compared to 2019 of 10.7 million.

The number of diabetes attacks in Indonesia will reach 18 million in 2020.

At that time, the prevalence of these cases increased by 6.2 percent compared to 2019.

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It was reported that since 2014, diabetes is the third leading cause of death in Indonesia.

This is considered quite worrying, because diabetes is the ‘mother’ of various serious diseases that can increase the risk of patient morbidity and mortality.

dr Syahidatul Wafa, Sp.PD, Staff of the Endocrine, Metabolic, and Diabetes Division of the Internal Medicine Department of RSCM-FKUI said diabetes is the mother or the culprit of all diseases.

“So it’s true, the fact that diabetes is the mother of all diseases,” said Dr. Wafa in a virtual media briefing #BeatDiabetes Online Festival 2022 Tropicana Slim, Thursday (7/4/2022).

Dr. Wafa explained, diabetes is called the mother of all diseases because this disease can indeed trigger or cause various complications of serious diseases to occur in the sufferer’s body, both curable and incurable diseases.

Some of the complications that can occur due to diabetes are stroke, kidney failure, ruptured blood vessels to the brain, cardiovascular disease, problems with teeth and mouth, and many more.

Tropicana Slim’s Brand Manager, Noviana Halim said, the risk of these health complications can be reduced if blood sugar levels are controlled properly.

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That is why, it is very important to maintain stable blood sugar in diabetes by maintaining a healthy weight, eating healthy and exercising regularly.

“Therefore, Tropicana Slim also invites the Indonesian people to continue to prevent and fight diabetes through the #Beat Diabetes2022 campaign,” he said.

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