Indicator Survey Call Public Trust to Terawan Increasing

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

The Indonesian Political Indicator Survey shows the level of public trust in Health Minister Terawan Agus Putranto in overcoming the pandemic corona virus (Covid-19) is likely to increase in September 2020.

Executive Director of Indonesian Political Indicators, Burhanuddin Muhtadi, said that around 45 percent of respondents believed Terawan was overcoming the pandemic. Meanwhile 17 percent of respondents did not believe Terawan.

“About 45 percent of the level of confidence. Quite believing 44.6 percent, very confident 1.3 percent. Not believing 15 percent, very disbelief 2 percent,” said Burhanuddin in an online press conference, Sunday (18/10).

The survey was conducted on September 24-30 2020 with 1,200 respondents via telephone. The error tolerance is approximately 2.9 percent with a confidence level of 95 percent.

Burhanuddin stated that the level of trust in Terawan had increased when compared to the survey results in July 2020. At that time, the results of the Political Indicators survey showed that public trust in Terawan was only 38.9 percent.

The level of trust in Terawan is best compared to the sentiment on social media. Burhanuddin predicts that the public trust in Terawan on social media is less than 20 percent.

“This is better than what appears on Twitter. I don’t think about 20 percent of those on Twitter are satisfied,” he said.

However, said Burhanuddin, the level of trust in Terawan is still far below the level of public trust in President Joko Widodo, which stands at 60 percent.

Terawan was hit by the issue of being one of the ministers that Jokowi would replace. On several occasions, Jokowi also mentioned Terawan’s performance. One of them was during a cabinet meeting, Jokowi quipped the poor health budget distribution during the corona virus pandemic.

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