Indian Police Arrest Main Mastermind in Udaipur Tailor Beheading Case

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Police India reported to have arrested the main actor behind the beheading case of a religious tailor Hindu di Udaipur, Rajasthan.

Police official statements state that two Muslim men from northwestern India have been identified as the main masterminds behind the crime.

“We have arrested the two main masterminds as well as the two executioners who carried out this heinous crime,” said Prafulla Kumar, a senior police officer in the Udaipur region.

Kumar also said that internet services were now gradually accessible in Udaipur, although security forces were still closely monitoring the aftermath of the beheading incident.

Earlier, Indian Police had arrested two men who beheaded a Hindu tailor in Udaipur for supporting a ruling party politician, Bharatiya Janata (BJP), who insulted the Prophet Muhammad.

The perpetrators perpetuated their action in a bloody gruesome video that was circulated on social media until it went viral.

The Udaipur government then blocked the internet in the area and banned gatherings to prevent further spread of clashes.

The beheading sparked condemnation and demonstrations from the population. Muslim figures and Islamic organizations in India condemned the incident. India’s Unity Minister for Minority Affairs Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said the move was against Islam and humanity.

Similar criticisms came from the All India Muslim Private Law Council (AIMPLB) and Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind calling the beheadings in Udaipur un-Islamic.

Meanwhile, thousands of Indians have taken to the streets demanding the death penalty for the perpetrators. This country is known to still apply the execution penalty.

According to local media, the beheading incident began when the victim shared a post that seemed to support the statement by BJP spokesman Nupur Sharma a few weeks ago.

In statements on national television, Sharma insulted the Prophet Muhammad, sparking protests at home and condemnation from Muslim-majority countries and the West.

Ten days after the victim posted her support for Sharma’s comments on social media, the two executioners raided her sewing shop disguised as customers. Not long after, the two perpetrators attacked the victim with a large knife.

Authorities then rushed to deploy police to the scene. Authorities also rushed to secure Udaipur to prevent potential clashes between Muslims and Hindus from erupting again.

Since his controversial remarks sparked criticism against India from at least 20 countries, Sharma has not been seen in public again.

On Friday (1/7), judges from India’s Supreme Court also stated that Nupur Sharma should apologize to all Indians after his remarks that sparked religious tension in India, sparked anger from Islamic countries and sparked diplomatic tensions.

Several other major anti-Islamic events have occurred in India since Modi’s reign. In one report, he even said he had turned India into an authoritarian Hindu nationalist state.

Other cases related to openly anti-Islamic sentiments have also occurred through state tools.

One of them was when a court in India judged that wearing the hijab was not an important principle in Islam. The ruling came after several Muslim students demanded their right to wear the hijab on the Karnataka campus.

Then there were also police officers who destroyed people’s houses because they were suspected of being Muslim after the Muslim-Hindu clashes shortly after the Ram Navara festival took place.

From the number of cases, it appears that the often hostile parties are Hindu radicals and are supported by the government.

[Gambas:Video CNN]


[Gambas:Video CNN]

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