Indian Minister Promises Strict Action on Hindu Activists Who Forced Catholic Sisters to Get Off Train Page all

NEW DELHI, – Domestic Minister India, Amit Shah, promised to take action against the activists Hindu, which forces a bunch nanny Catholic down from the car.

This incident occurred because a number of Hindu activists thought these nuns were involved in asking residents to change religions.

The church said the nuns – who belong to the Syro-Malabar Church in Kerala – were traveling from Delhi to Odhisha State on Friday (19/3/2021) when Hindu activists forced them off the train while in the country. Part of Uttar Pradesh.

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Apart from forcing their way down, these members also reported the nuns to the police.

Church officials say the nuns were verbally abused.

It is also said that Hindu activists “attacked” some teenage girls who were traveling with the sisters.

Indian newspapers, Hindustan Times, said activists “thought the nuns forced some of these teenagers to convert to religions”.

Attack on minorities

Church spokesman Jerry Joseph said the activists did not believe the nuns’ explanation.

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“That some teenage girls who have traveled since birth have embraced Christianity … [para suster] threatened and treated as if they were terrorists, “Joseph was quoted as saying Hindustan Times.

The police interrogated the nuns for several hours before allowing them to continue their journey.

One of the sisters told Hindustan Times saying, “It’s a scary experience.”

“They don’t care that what they are dealing with are women. About 150 activists surrounded us and they acted as if we were criminals,” said one of the nuns, who asked not to be identified.

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The Kerala Bishops Conference of Kerala, KCBC, said the incident was completely unacceptable.

“Thousands of nuns and priests are involved in humanitarian activities across the country. We urge a high level of intervention,” KCBC said in a statement.

Many human rights organizations say mistreatment, harassment and attacks against religious minorities and marginalized social groups have increased since the Hindu-nationalist BJP party came to power in 2014.



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