India pays tribute to ‘future son-in-law’; 64.42 crore has reached his pocket so far! | Glenn Maxwell

Chennai: Australian cricketer Glenn Maxwell will be India’s future son-in-law. Maxwell’s fiance is Vini Raman, of Indian descent. Maxwell visits India every summer. In the language of former Indian cricketer Virender Sehwag, ‘a trip to beat’. Whether he plays or not, India will pay the ‘future son-in-law’. That did not change in the IPL auction this time either.

Bangalore Royal Challengers have spent Rs 14.25 crore on Maxwell, who has not hit a single six in the 13th edition of the IPL. Maxwell’s friendship with the Indian Premier League began in 2012 as a replacement. With the exception of a tumultuous season in 2014, there has been no ‘extra ordinary’ performance, but the ‘Maxi’ has so far fetched Rs 63.42 crore. Even more so if he had played in the 2019 season.

Maxwell has scored 1505 runs from 82 matches in his IPL career. The average is 22.13. Strike rate 154.67. The total gain was 19 wickets. In the 2014 season, he scored 552 runs for Punjab Kings in 16 matches. The strike rate was 187.75. This season alone, Maxwell has scored 300 runs in 2017 alone. Compared to the runs scored and the salary earned, the price of a run scored by Maxwell in the IPL is Rs 4,21,445 and retail !. 3.33 crore for one wicket!

തുക The amount paid annually by those who buy him, keeping in view the star’s striking ability, is as follows:

2012 Delhi Capitals – 10.05 lakhs

2013 Mumbai Indians – 5.32 crore

2014 Punjab Kings – 6 crore

2015 Punjab Kings – 6 crore

2016 Punjab Kings – 6 crore

2017 Punjab Kings – 6 crore

2018 Delhi Capitals – 9 crore

2020 Punjab Kings – 10.75 crore

2021 Bangalore Royal Challengers – 14.25 crore

English Summary: Glenn Maxwell’s IPL increments


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