India Open results: Fajar/Rian Stopped in the Semifinals

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Fajar Alfian/Muhammad Rian Ardianto lost to Aaron Chia/Soh Wooi Yik in the semifinal match India Open 2023 at KD Jadhav Indoor Hall, New Delhi, Saturday (21/1) evening Indonesian time.

Fajar/Rian led the scoring since the first game started. The couple nicknamed Fajri then attacked Chia/Soh’s defense.

Fajar/Rian’s points increased significantly because Chia/Soh didn’t move. In addition, the Malaysian pair also could not carry out attacks properly. Fajar/Rian led 11-3 in the first game interval.

Fajar/Rian’s dominance continued in the second half of the first game. Chia/Soh kept trying to get closer to the points of the world number one pair, but Fajar/Rian were still quite tough and the distance was too far.

Fajar/Rian’s attacks from behind and in front trouble Chia/Soh. While Chia/Soh are also starting to heat up even though they are far apart in numbers.

Fajar/Rian then won 21-11 in the first game.

Entering the second gym Fajar/Rian faced a tougher match from Chia/Soh. The Neighboring State’s best pair featured a tighter defense.

The score was a draw from 1-1 to 4-4. Then Fajar/Rian won three points in a row. This advantage could not be maintained and the position returned to a 7-7 draw.

Fajar/Rian were able to get two points in a row, but again Chia/Soh were able to equalize and even take the lead.

Behind 9-11 in the interval of the second game, Fajar/Rian tried to get up. On the other hand, Chia/Soh were still able to show a good game of defense and attack.

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The six-point distance was created when Fajar/Rian were trailing 10-16. Fajar/Rian were able to add points, but lost 15-21 in the second game.

The third game is like a fierce continuation of the second game. The two pairs took turns scoring points at the start of the third game. After the score was 2-2, Chia/Soh won consecutive points.

In a short time Fajar/Rian were able to equalize to 5-5, but Chia/Soh were able to gain points again without stopping. Fajar/Rian trailed 7-11 in the third game interval.

Chia/Soh worked hard to maintain their lead, while Fajar/Rian kept trying to close the gap. An interesting fierce duel ensued in the decisive game through tough attack and defense.

Fajar/Rian’s tireless efforts in this match had to stop when Chia/Soh first scored 21. Fajar/Rian failed to make it to the finals after losing 16-21 in the third game.

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