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There are many people who get a stroke from FIFA’s spectacular but terribly arcade gameplay. For them, Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer series was released, which was uglier, but with its sports simulator character, it brought some variety to the range. The completely revamped eFootball 2022 for the successor to PES was released on September 30th, and it immediately came to the fore, but because it has become horrible.

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The game received a brutal reception, with Steam audiences scoring hell-deep eFootball 2022.

Konami’s soccer game switched to a free model, but the first version was more like a very restrained demo. Only a few teams made it into eFootball in 2022, and the Japanese label couldn’t even defend itself by having a rose of patience. When someone started a match, it was clear that the gameplay was nowhere near normal. EFootball 2022 was full of annoying bugs, and football players cut faces as if they had entered LEGO at some passers-by.

The developers have also seen that something needs to be done here, but quickly. On October 1, Konami announced issued, which indicated they know about the issues, no need to worry, an update is on the way to fix them.

The update was a few days late, but it also came out, which shook the football game a bit into my pants.

According to the original plans, we wouldn’t have had to wait much longer, the first big update of eFootball 2022, v.1.0.0, would have arrived on November 11th. This has been postponed again, not a little. The update will arrive in the spring of 2022 only.

Chaos at Japan’s Konami seems to be huge, and at the same time it has been announced that everyone who has ordered a Premium Player Pack for eFootball 2022 will get their money back. In addition, the release of the mobile version of the football game has been postponed to next spring. The development team also realized that they needed more time to hand out valuable work out of their hands.

This is how the FIFA series will not be without challenges

EFootball seems to have emerged from the tournament of soccer games. The FIFA series has come out with a full-fledged act, with more than 9 million copies of FIFA 22 in just a few days, and a large majority of customers throwing themselves into the game’s online mode, with 7.6 million Ultimate Teams created by the players, from the very beginning.

The UFL is also on the way, which is expected by the gaming community, as well as the Xbox Game Pass for free. came football manager requiring tactical thinking 2022.



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