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There’s a little worse feeling than when someone is in an uplifting mood waiting for a new game that the makers are also hypeing with full force. They promise heat and wood. It will be innovative, with freedom never seen before, our decisions will really carry weight, we have never seen anything like it before. Then comes the first news that they’re slipping the look because the developer needs more time. There will be three out of a slip, and we find ourselves not hearing anything about the most promising video game of the decade in two years.

Three more years will pass and the announcement will come out of almost nothing. It has a release date. The game comes on a gold record, so we confidently pre-order and wait for the courier, but along with the puck, the immeasurable disappointment comes in a box when it turns out that the developers haven’t managed to deliver what they promised.

Unfortunately, there have been many examples in the last few years of people expecting a lot from a new video game, but then everyone was terribly disappointed in it. We have collected the five most outrageous cases out of these!

Cyberpunk 2077

It’s amazing to even think that Cyberpunk’s first 2077 otherwise inconspicuous preview was released in 2013. At that time, not much could be known about the whole thing, just that the Polish CD Project RED was working on the new sci-fi game. It wasn’t a bad letter of recommendation, as the team had previously developed The Witcher. The game was inspired by great predecessors like Winged Bounty Hunter, Ghost in the Shell, and we were able to venture into a futuristic world where even Keanu Reeves was there to help us during our adventures. The FPS view made it easier to experience on paper, and the side missions also promised to be exciting …

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In reality, however, Cyberpunk 2077 has become one of the biggest blamas of recent years. It was pretty much unplayable on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and funnyly, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S consoles also sweated with it. The game was full of bugs when we were driving, the whole thing was intermittent. The Cyberpunk 2077 came out in such poor condition that the PlayStation Store refunded the price of the game to those who bought it online and later took the Cyberpunk 2077 off the offer for a while. The number of people waiting for the novelty of the CD Project RED is well illustrated by the fact that 8 million people have ordered the Cyberpunk 2077, reporting all the platforms.

Marvel’s Avengers

The Batman Arkham series is nicely grounded in what a superhero game should look like. Insomniac Games was also heavily inspired by these titles when they put together one of 2018’s big hit titles, Marvel’s Spider-Mant. So most people expected that if the Crystal Dynamics team picked up characters as popular and seen on the screen as the Avengers, it wouldn’t be possible to take over. And yet they succeeded, putting together one of the most boring games in the world. Despite putting the novice superhero Kamala Khan at the center of the otherwise twisting and adorable story, it was a horrible soul killer to beat the same robots for fifteen hours.

Then came the DLCs, first with two archers, Kate Bishop and Clint Barton, and then a major upgrade to Marvel’s Avengers, which guided him to Wakanda, the realm of the Black Panther. But as Spider-Man was announced and it turned out that the PlayStation-exclusive hero wouldn’t even get his own story, it became certain … this game was inescapable and you could no longer build a castle on such a weak foundation. Too bad for the steam.

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Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition

Of the games mentioned so far, this is latest experience, the release, which brings together refurbished versions of GTVA III, Vice City, and San Andreas, has shocked the people of the Internet quite harshly. The three games appeared in an unqualified state. The characters became like they came out of a lame cartoon, if it rained at night, nothing could be seen from the environment, and if that wasn’t enough, the revamped GTA trilogy is still on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S is also able to produce tears that one cannot believe.

Even the classic, much-loved hits have been left out of the revamped GTAs, and while that’s the slightest problem with Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition, a lot of little things go a long way, and in its current state, this remaster is almost unplayable.

No Man’s Sky

A game in which several trillion planets of a randomly generated galaxy can be explored freely. Sounds good, doesn’t it? The Hello Games team promised this with their August 2016 release of No Man’s Sky, but in the end, none of that came true. We got an exploratory game that had no thrill, no matter how big the open world was, it was empty, there weren’t too many opponents, and we couldn’t even meet other players, though if this title gets a strong multiplayer aspect, gamers could fill it would have been alive.

After the release, Hello Games was silent for months, hiding from the public eye. However, the development team later came up, saw it as work, and developed a lot on No Man’s Sky over the years. By now, we’re there, with players mostly having a positive view of sci-fi play, but with high expectations, no one should sit in front of them. It’s still pretty empty, repetitive and soulless.

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Fallout 76

More than anything, Fallout 76’s unpretentiousness is that Bethesda’s one-on-one game, Skyrim, released six years earlier, took over the model of dragons, made it the main enemy in this 2018 post-tapocalyptic title, and expected players to applaud the whole thing with a grin. It didn’t come together, and Fallout 76 came out in a catastrophic state, had technical problems with it, players had no purpose in the absence of normal missions, and since NPCs were left out of Bethesda’s novelty, the world felt just as empty as No Man’s For Sky.

Bethesda Game Studios has bathed ugly with their first online multiplayer game, and while the experience of Fallout 76 has been greatly improved with DLC and upgrades, we’re still talking about a piece that will remain lame forever. You can’t build a castle on weak foundations.

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