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Steve Frosdick, an experienced English stadium security expert – a former police officer who has been specializing in football stadium security for thirty years – worked as a UEFA consultant until February. Frosdick served the European Alliance for eleven years, but became increasingly dissatisfied with the way things turned out. Alexander Cheferinthe Slovenian president of the organization in April 2021 his confidant and compatriot, Zeljko Pavlicát appointed head of the security department. (Čeferin was Pavlica’s wedding witness…) Frosdick indicated that UEFA’s professionalism and professionalism had been undermined recently, and the English specialist rejected the president’s proposal to amend the contract, which would have limited Frosdick’s role. The English specialist resigned at UEFA.

Frosdick’s departure was less than four months ahead of two of UEFA’s top events, the Europa League Final in Seville and the Champions League Final in Paris. Now, both matches have been accompanied by scandalous events. We still remember well the misfortune leading up to the BL final, the 37-minute delay, and the fact that fans with plenty of tickets could not get into the Parc des Princes. And in Seville, Rangers fans complained that they could not get drinking water in the unbearable heat of Andalusia. UEFA has denied the allegations, saying the organization had nothing to do with the Paris scandal.

Pavlica was appointed head of the security department by Čeferin last year after its leader, Kenny Scott, a British man who had run the department for four years, retired. Scott was previously the security chief of the Glasgow Rangers from 2007 to 2010. It is important to know about Pavlica that Janez Drnovsek was the chief of security, Janez Drnovsek, who was even the president of the former Yugoslavia and later the independent republic of Slovenia.

Well, at Pavlica’s wedding in 2018, Čeferin witnessed the groom and the bride was none other than one of the most famous Slovenian athletes of all time, Brigita Bukovec, silver medalist in the 100-meter hurdles of the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. Typically, when Čeferin became president of the Slovenian association in 2011, he immediately took Pavlica to the security department as a staff member. Pavlica has been working for UEFA as an external staff member since 2014, and when Čeferin became President of the European Association in 2016, he also employed Pavlica as a permanent internal staff member for UEFA for two months.

UEFA rejects any assumption that Pavlica was promoted on a friendly basis, nor does the organization find it special that the Slovenian security chief won the position without any candidacy, simply by being appointed by Čeferin.

“Pavelic was the natural successor to Kenny Scott,” a UEFA spokesman said.

Ever since Pavelic was the security chief, there have been three major UEFA events and all three have drowned in scandals, as the Daily Mail writes.

  • The final of last year’s European Championships at Wembley. In the midst of the rampant rampage of English hooligans, it is even lucky that no one has died.
  • At this year’s Europa League final in Seville, where Eintracht Frankfurt and Glasgow Rangers clashed, authorities confiscated water bottles and medicines from fans, running out of drinking water inside the stadium and many thirsting for suffocating heat.
  • Finally, on 28 May this year, before the BL final in Paris, the French authorities treated the fans, especially Liverpool fans, in an unqualified manner and delayed the start of the finals by an unprecedented 37 minutes.
  • Since Čeferin, president of UEFA, six Champions League and Europa League finals have been held, and three of those twelve have been led by Slovenian referees, while no referee from the Premier League, Portugal or Belgium has spoken, and only one from Germany. . 2017-ben Damir Skomina led by Manchester United – Ajax, this year Slavko Vinčić also blew the whistle at the Frankfurt-Rangers El final and the 2019 Liverpool-Tottenham Champions League final.

The sponsors of Heineken and PlayStation, the BL final in Paris and UEFA at the same time are now threatening to terminate their contracts if they do not thoroughly investigate what happened at the Parc des Princes. As you know, the VIP guests of the two world companies also received it from the paprika spray that French police used to blow up fans stranded outside the stadium.

The video clearly shows fans stumbling through the tear gas curtain of the French police after the BL final, so that they snuggle together.

(Cover image: Liverpool fans are out and unable to get in time before the Paris Champions League final on 28 May 2022. Photo: Thomas COEX / AFP)

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