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In this group, they played the fixture of the game day, Barcelona was hosted by the 2020 winner Bayern Munich. That season, exactly 13 months ago, the Bavarians memorably knocked out the Catalans for 8-2 in the quarterfinals, and Lionel Messin reportedly filled the cup at the time. Then the Argentine reconciled, but eventually, due to the financial regulations of the Spanish league and the near-bankruptcy of Barca, he still had to leave and signed to the PSG.

Without him, a new era began for the garnet reds, the time has come that they were not the favorites in a domestic BL match.

Bayern played much better in the first half and took the lead with a lucky goal, Thomas Müller’s shot bounced off Eric García’s bottom, Marc-André ter Stegen was completely helpless. This was Müller’s seventh goal against Barcelona, ​​with no one shooting for the Catalans on the international stage.

In the second half, the Munichers didn’t even have 10 minutes to double their advantage. Jamal Musiala’s bomb still came off the post, but Robert Lewandowski realized the fastest and flicked the ball into the empty goal, making it an 18th (!) Bayernes stakes in a row.

In the 85th minute, the Polish scored his second goal in a eerily similar way, collecting a ball that bounced off a goal post, but this time he bombed the goal not immediately, but after laying a Catalan defender.

With that, he even set the final score, and Barcelona finished this match without even hitting the goal, this has never happened to the team in the BL.

There was no weight class between the two teams.

In the other match of the group, Dinamo Kiev’s Mikola Saparenko already seemed to win at home in the 93rd minute against Benfica, but the referee decided to take the hit, leaving the goal without a tie.

Barcelona (Spanish) –Bayern Munich (German) 0-3 (0-1)
Dinamo Kiev (Ukraine) –Benfica (Portuguese) 0–0

Group F.

The 2021 Europa League winner, Villarreal, has won neither a friendly nor a stakes match since finals against Manchester United, starting with three draws in La Liga. His opponent, Atalanta, can’t be proud of his start to the season either, as he stands four points after three rounds in Serie A. Of the two teams not arriving in very good shape, the Italians took a lightning strike, with Remo Freuler’s 12-meter bite shot cut off the goal post in the 6th minute. A good half hour later, the home team equalized, a successful attack was completed by Manu Trigueros up close.

Then things started in the second half, Arnaut Danjuma turned the home team in the 73rd minute, and Robin Gosens equalized for ten minutes. Then, due to the exhibition of Francis Couqelin, Atalanta got a human advantage in the last minutes, but he could no longer take advantage of that, the scoring remained.

Young Boys (Switzerland) –Manchester United (English) 2–1 (0–1)
Villarreal (Spanish) –Atalanta (Italian) 2–2 (0–1)

Group G

The French champion Lille took the lead against Wolfsburg in the 48th minute through Jonathan David, but the VAR took the hit, as the ball left the field shortly before the goal. The away team, Mark van Bommel, complained so vehemently that the referee did not dare to watch the case. A quarter of an hour later, due to John Brooks ’exhibition, the French were given a serious chance but were unable to take advantage.

He was left without a goal, although Lille still looked like he could shoot a penalty in the 97th minute, but in the end the referee was deprived of the team by this.

You can read about what happened at the meeting between Seville and Salzburg in our article above.

Seville (Spanish) – Salzburg (Austria) 1-1 (1-1)
Lille (French) –Wolfsburg (German) 0–0

Group H

The winner of the latest call, Chelsea, seemed to be a little comfortable with the festive atmosphere that crossed Stamford Bridge. Four of them were able to take home their own UEFA awards before the match, with Jorginho winning the trophy for Player of the Year, Thomas Tuchel as Coach of the Year, Édouard Mendy as Goalkeeper of the Year and N’Golo Kanté receiving the midfielder of the Year.

Then, in the 69th minute, the fast ended, César Azpilicueta found Romelu Lukaku with a great pass, who slipped into the goal and thus won the victory. The Belgian striker, as in anno Manchester United, was now successful in his first BL match on his new team.

In the other match of the group, Juventus, now without Cristiano Ronaldo, decided the away match against Malmö in half. Alex Sandro kicked the ball halfway through the goal, Paulo Dybala also scored from the penalty, and Álvaro Morata set the final score for a minute.

Chelsea (English) –Zenit Saint Petersburg (Russian) 1–0 (0–0)
Malmö (Sweden) –Juventus (Italian) 0–3 (0–3)



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