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Harry Kane scored four goals in 15 minutes in the first inning of the three-lane winner of the European Championships, making him the opponent’s goal at least three times in his second national team match in a row after Vivian Woodward, Dixie Dean and Tommy Taylor.

The English, who almost completely liked their hits, were finally successful ten times, most recently in 1964 for the United States.

In the other match of the group, the Albanians defeated Andorra 1-0 back home, finishing in third place in the group.

In Group C, Switzerland made it to next year’s World Cup in Qatar, beating Bulgaria on Monday in the final round and defending European league champions Italy in the playoffs.

Switzerland and Italy had the same score before the final round, but the latter had a better goal difference. On Monday, after the first half without a goal, the Swiss finally beat Bulgaria confidently by a four-goal difference in Lucerne – the two hits of the hosts were not given after a video check – while the Italians only reached a 0-0 draw with the host North in Belfast.

In Group F, there is no question of advancing to the final round, as the Danes’ participation in the World Cup has been decided earlier, as has the fact that the Scots can continue to play in the qualifiers. The two teams played each other in Glasgow on Monday, where the hosts proved to be better for 2-0.

The first of the ten groups will qualify for the 2022 World Championships in Qatar, and the second will be able to play in the qualifiers. Next to them, the top two group winners from the League of Nations will join the substitute qualifier field, which will not finish in the top two during the World Cup qualifiers. The 12 teams will then be divided into three groups and will compete in a one-match semi-final system for the remaining three places.

European World Cup Qualifiers Round 10

Group C:
Northern Ireland-Italy 0-0

Switzerland-Bulgaria 4-0 (0-0)
goals: Okafor (48th), Vargas (57th), Itten (72nd), Freuler (91st)

The final result of the group is: 1. Switzerland 18 points, 2. Italy 16, 3. Northern Ireland 9, 4. Bulgaria 8, 5. Lithuania 3

Group F:
Scotland – Denmark 2–0 (1–0)
goal: Souttar (35th), Adams (86th)

Austria-Moldova 4-1 (2-0)
goals: Arnautovic (4th, 55th – second from 11th), Trimmel (22nd), Ljubicic (83rd) and Nicolaescu (60th)

Israel – Faroe Islands 3–2 (1–0)
goals: Dabbur (30-11), Weissman (58), Peretz (74) and Vatnhamar (62), K. Olsen (72)

The final result of the group is: 1. Denmark 27 points, 2. Scotland 18, 3. Israel 16 (23-21), 4. Austria 16 (19-17), 5. Faroe Islands 4, 6. Moldova 1

Group I:
San Marino–Anglia 0–10 (0–6)
goals: Maguire (6th), Fabbri (15th, own goal), Kane (27th, 32nd, 39th, 42nd – first and third out of 11), Smith Rowe (58th), Mings (69th) .), Abraham (78th), Saka (79th)
red card: Rossi (68., San Marino)

Poland-Hungary 1-2 (0-1)
goals: Swiderski (61st) and Schäfer (37th), Rich (80th)

Albania-Andorra 1-0 (0-0)
goal: Cekici (from 73 to 11)

The final result of the group: 1. England 26 points, 2. Poland 20, 3. Albania 18, 4. Hungary 17, 5. Andorra 6, 6. San Marino 0




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