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Mood around the scandal of Antoine Griezmann and Ousmane Dembélé continues to subside.

Both footballers took part in the European Championship, in which France took part and had already said goodbye to Switzerland in the eighth final. Since then, a number of theories have emerged as to what may have been the reason for the World Championship defending champion’s run, and even since then, a scandalous video also in which Griezmann and Dembélé make jokes about Asian people.

The recording was taken on a Japanese tour of Barcelona 2019-ben, has traveled the world and two Catalan footballers have not been able to explain and apologize. Although it was Dembélé who spoke in an unqualified tone, Griezmann’s responsibility was no less than one who laughed with his teammate throughout.

I have always refrained from all forms of discrimination. A lot of people in the last few days have wanted to set me up as I am. I strongly refute the charges against me and I am sorry if I have offended my Japanese friends

Griezmann wrote on his Twitter page.

But it seems that even though the thirty-year-old apologized, it doesn’t affect everyone.

Japanese-based Rakuten, which sponsors Barcelona, ​​does not have a good eye for what happened, writes

As the club’s sponsor and tour operator, we are very sorry that Barcelona players have made discriminatory remarks. Rakuten supported the club and its philosophy, but such statements are unacceptable. We are protesting against it and asking for Barcelona’s position

Wrote Mikitani Hirosi, the company’s CEO.

In addition, Konami, the Japanese video game developer, also indicated that this style was unacceptable, and Griezmann, who recently became the company’s Yu-Gi-Oh! ambassador of a Japanese collectible card game. By the way, Konami is also the sponsor of Barcelona, ​​ie Griezmann, which has not only endangered himself but also his club with his manifestations, as has Dembélé.

Following the incident, Barcelona on Wednesday released a notice on its website apologizing to Japanese and Asian people, fans, partners for the behavior of its players.

The club notes that what the two players have done does not at all reflect the values ​​represented by Barcelona and will do its utmost to ensure that racism and discrimination disappear from the team at all levels.

The communication also states that all this took place in 2019, under the auspices of the previous leadership, and that the current one is committed to making progress in this area as well and to ensuring that this scandal does not happen again.

The club concludes the official resolution with the players already apologizing for their actions and the management will arrange things in-house. That is, there is no specific punishment.



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