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Originally would have argued Monday night At the event organized by Partizán, two candidates from Zugló for the opposition pre-election, Ákos Hadházy, supported by Momentum and the Everyone’s Hungary Movement, and Csaba Tóth, a socialist but also trusted by DK and Jobbik. The MSZP politician, on the other hand, abandoned the debate and how about it we reported, announces Márton Gulyás, the host of Partizán. It is memorable that the event ended up without Csaba Tóth were retained, the pulpit next to Ákos Hadházy was empty.

Csaba Tóth then wanted to clash on Zugló TV with the independent representative, who undertook it after several conditions were met, on Friday from 3 p.m. The conversation was moderated by two moderators and broadcast live on the video sharing side of the television.

According to Ákos Hadházy, Zugló has special problems. The politician sees that the district has become a kind of gateway house, as a lot of people have moved outside the city and these people want to come into the city, plus by car, causing traffic jams and parking problems.

He also sees the noise of landing planes as a similar problem, which is a serious problem especially at night. Hadházy added, however:

it is all a national matter, but the long-term solution is definitely to take some of these planes to another airport.

Ákos Hadházy said that he gets a lot of times from pro-government politicians to attack Hungary or the given settlement, so he asked the MSZP politician to recall when he attacked him.

Csaba Tóth referred to Hadházy’s earlier statement in his first speech, when the non-attached Member stated:

there will be a change in the country, if only in Zuglo.

According to the socialist politician, from 2014 onwards, the left brought change to the district. Csaba Tóth sees that if Hadházy wants to change this, it is equal to “he wants to bring Fidesz back” to the district. He also stated:

if it means change, Zugló will not ask for it.

According to Ákos Hadházy, pre-selection has a huge responsibility to show people: there will indeed be change. According to the politician, people expect effective legal accountability and that the affairs of neither political side can be left without consequences.

Regarding the parking issues in Zugló, Csaba Tóth said that the municipality did not suffer any financial damage. The politician added that currently the local government has HUF 150-200 million in revenue from parking per month, which is HUF 2 billion annually.

As is well known, Ákos Hadházy had previously claimed that the local government of Zugló had suffered damage of four hundred million forints due to the purchase of parking meters.

At the same time, Csaba Tóth stated that the local government suffered a loss when purchasing parking meters and that Zugló did not suffer any financial damage.

Ákos Hadházy also reminded: Csaba Tóth requested a valuation for a factory on Gyár Street in 2012, for which he received an estimate of HUF 390 million. The independent representative said that three people then founded the First Step Incubator House Foundation in Zalaegerszeg (where Tóth also came from),

one of them is the current transparency man in Zugló, the other is deputy mayor, and a third has a contract with Zugló to collect unpaid parking fees.

However, the foundation in question received a loan of about one hundred million forints from one of their companies. According to Hadházy, it seems that this hundred million actually came from the company of Csaba Tóth’s wife, and in the meantime the foundation bought the factory, for which the MSZP politician asked for a valuation, and according to the current estimate.

worth five hundred million forints.

According to Ákos Hadházy, there is a mortgage on the site, which belongs to Csaba Tóth’s company, and even the company’s right to buy is registered in the area, so Ákos Hadházy sees that Csaba Tóth has a “direct impact” on these five hundred million assets, he didn’t do it either, his income was zero forints ”. The politician added: this property worth HUF 500 million alone actually belongs to the property of Csaba Tóth,

which is more than the total wealth of a socialist politician in his declaration of assets.

The Momentum-backed politician also wrote about the suspected case on the Corruption Info page, which here can be read.

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