Index – Domestic – Two babies were exchanged in Hódmezővásárhely

They accidentally exchanged two babies for days at the obstetrics in Hódmezővásárhely. One of the little boys was also taken home by mistake by the other child ‘s parents, writes Szeged365.

We got our kid and the papers last Monday and then headed home. We hurried to the taxi, which was already waiting for us, we got home. Just as we stole, we were called by the hospital to have our son in there, with them. We found it interesting because we had already brought a child home. They were told to check the wristband on the baby’s wrist with the child’s birth details, which we looked at, and really had another name written on it.

The boy’s father told the paper.

Asked if it had not appeared that the baby was not theirs, the man replied that

there were a few dots on his nose as well as ours. They were very similar.

Luckily, the story took a reassuring turn, with news that both babies are in good health and both are with their own families.



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