Index – Domestic – Fidesz in the capital suspects shipping corruption, according to BKV everything is fine

BKV’s new shipping contract promises more predictable, verifiable and higher revenues, the company told MTI on Saturday.

According to the BKV announcement, “the new contractual construction will include more control points and stricter control possibilities than before”, so the revenue will be significantly higher compared to previous years. Higher revenues and more sustainable operations can be expected after the resumption of shipping, they wrote.

In response to the news published on Saturday in connection with the public procurement procedure for the operation of the Danube waterways, BKV stated:

Contrary to what was suggested by the news, the procurement procedure was conducted in a regular, transparent manner and ended in a way that benefited the company.

They explained that their shipping contracts expired at the end of 2019 and in 2020, respectively. There was no legal possibility to further extend these contracts. In order to ensure the continuous provision of the shipping service, it was necessary to carry out a new procedure aimed at the widest possible market, with a strong emphasis on quality, in order to achieve the best prices.

The date of dispatch of the notice of the open public procurement procedure was 11 June 2020, “thus, in view of this, it is difficult to state that the public procurement would have taken place quickly and under suspicious circumstances,” BKV wrote.

It was stated that the basic structure of the procedure is exactly the same as the previous procedures applied since 2012, so the statement that the time limit would be excessive is incorrect. A longer-term contract creates predictability, predictability and, ultimately, the opportunity to achieve a more favorable cost level for all parties to the contract. Furthermore, according to the communication, no decision has been taken on the permanent cessation of the public service services operated by BKV, despite all the rumors to the contrary. That is why the company had to prepare for the start of public service shipping even in the uncertain economic conditions caused by the coronavirus epidemic, including the successful conduct of the public procurement procedure, they wrote.

BKV announced that at the end of 2020 the idea of ​​a temporary cessation of shipping in 2021 arose due to the lower-than-planned available resources. At that time, the public procurement procedure could no longer be legally suspended or postponed. In the recently concluded open tender for shipping services, the winning bid price was lower than estimated as a result of extensive competition.

In connection with the reference of Magyar Kikötő Zrt., Which submitted the lowest valid bid, BKV requested special information from the bidder, which the bidder did within the deadline.

– read in the Communication.

The Fidesz faction in the capital wrote in a Facebook post on Saturday that there was a “strong suspicion” that the references of the company, which was to be declared the winner in the operation of the Danube cruises in the capital, could be a serious problem, even false. The faction asked Mayor Gergely Karácsony to launch a full investigation and to ban BKV from concluding the contract with immediate effect until its reassuring conclusion.



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