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The fourth vaccination will be needed in time, said András Falus, a professor of immunology and a full member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences at InfoRádió.

According to the person skilled in the art, the vaccines currently available also provide some protection against all variants, including omicrons. However, he said:

We humans are very different, we can only say an average of the effects of vaccines, but we know, for example, that a third vaccine is recommended for everyone and is definitely needed. There may be individual differences, but after the third vaccination, a fourth vaccination will be needed over time.

Of course, even the third vaccine is still left for millions. András Falus stated that if someone has received a vector vaccine before, it is not right to ask for a vector vaccine in the same way. He added that it was suggested that an mRNA-based pathway, possibly “Chinese”, be requested after the vector vaccine.

The professor also said the problem with Chinese vaccination is that the Chinese have not proven or tested the effectiveness of it in the elderly. He added that if Sinopharm was the first two vaccines to be given, then a vector or mRNA-based vaccine would be the third. Those who have been given an mRNA-based pathway should be asked for a third-time mRNA-based pathway, he said.

He said about vaccinating children:

Unfortunately, the idea we thought at the beginning of the epidemic last year that children, younger ones, are more protected against the virus, has been refuted by life and the different variants, is why children need to be vaccinated.

He added, the profession is in favor of vaccinating children. Comparing the damage caused by the virus with the possible side effects of the vaccines, the difference is invaluable, he said.

The virus causes severe effects, secondary autoimmune diseases to which the side effects that may occur are not comparable in proportion or average severity.

So whoever refuses to be vaccinated is essentially given a good chance of “signing their own serious illness, possibly death,” the expert noted.

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(Cover image: András Falus. Photo: Soós Lajos / MTI)


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