Index – Domestic – According to Béla Merkely, it is possible to prepare for the fourth vaccination

The fourth wave of the coronavirus epidemic may have reached the plateau in the Central Hungarian region, says Béla Merkely, rector of Semmelweis University.

According to Béla Merkely, in the case of the delta variant, 75-80 percent vaccination would be required to capture the virus. The rector also spoke at the conference of the National Association of Hungarian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers about whether the situation in Israel should be monitored if we are wondering if there will be a fifth wave. According to him, the example of Israel also provides evidence that the third vaccination can help combat the fourth wave of epidemics.

If the numbers rise there, we may be ready for the fourth vaccination, but we can still wait, because with the fact that 40-45 percent of people have received the booster dose, they have also overcome this wave.

Said Béla Merkely.

At Semmelweis University, vaccinations are still ongoing, but they also have to treat large numbers of covidium patients. Most of their patients, according to the rector, were clearly at the time of the third wave, with a total of 7,242 lying with them so far due to coronavirus infection. Béla Merkely said that the number of patients admitted to hospital has been stagnant for weeks, so she dares to say that the epidemic has reached the plateau in the Central Hungarian region, but the trend is still growing in the southern part of the country.

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