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It is still unclear why, apart from propaganda rhetoric, it is so important for the Russians to occupy nuclear power plants in Ukraine one after another. The Chernobyl power plant has lost power, but thousands of spent radioactive fuels are still stored on site. What are the dangers of not being able to cool them in the absence of electricity? How much attack is the double sarcophagus of the Chernobyl power plant? When are iodine tablets given? We also talked about these in the special edition of Kibeszélő with Máté Szieberth, the head of the Department of Nuclear Technology at BME.

Fifty percent of Ukraine’s electricity supply is provided by nuclear power plants. Of the fifteen nuclear power plant units, only eight are now in operation, the rest have either been shut down for safety reasons or are undergoing maintenance. Many of these are already in Russian hands, as in the first three weeks of the war, Russian troops also identified power plants as targets. Facilities were often attacked that could very easily have caused a radiological emergency.

However, Máté Szieberth believes that Ukrainian power plants are safe in spite of all this.

It was also about the Speaker in a special edition, who should be given an iodine tablet as a result of a nuclear power plant accident, what the product is good for, and when to use it after the accident.

What is the danger of occupied nuclear power plants in Ukraine?

The show also mentioned that

  • the extent of the radiological emergency due to a possible release;
  • if there is no electricity around Chernobyl, how to get real data on whether there is a leak;
  • how radiation stations work, how they send data from the area with transmitters;
  • whether occupied power plants in Ukraine can be used for nuclear blackmail;
  • whether there has been a war situation in the world in the last 75 years when a nuclear power plant has been attacked;
  • what is the relationship of Hungarian nuclear scientists with their Ukrainian colleagues.

According to the expert, the Chernobyl power plant was inadvertently occupied by Russian troops.

It simply got in the way of the forces coming from Belarus and advancing towards Kyiv, as we are talking about an abandoned, less guarded area that does not produce serious resistance, which has been a forbidden zone since the accident.

The nuclear power plants in Ukraine are civilian facilities, however, the International Atomic Energy Agency has stated that nuclear power plants are not currently operating in the normal way and in the riverbed, especially due to the presence of Russian troops. However, there is no indication that any radiological emergency exists.

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What is the danger of occupied nuclear power plants in Ukraine?

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