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“Miracles” at the Mystero Illusionist Theater

On Saturday, November 7, world-renowned illusionists Dace and Enrico Pecolli will open the first illusionist theater in North-Eastern Europe – Mystero – in the premises of the former cinema “Liesma” (Vienibas gatve 30, Riga).

At the opening of the theater, spectators will be able to watch a theatrical circus performance “Miracles”, in which world-renowned artists will demonstrate their magical art. The participation in the opening event of the theater has been confirmed by the illusionist Aaron Crow (pictured) from Belgium, who is one of the most recognized and popular illusionists in the world due to his originality and high mastery. He has participated in many television projects and performed on the most prestigious stages in the world. The event will also feature the Italian illusionist ensemble Disguido, as well as many other artists.

“This will be a great opportunity to enjoy world-class shows in Latvia, which we have been dreaming of for more than 20 years,” Dace Pecolli is pleased.

She says that there are currently several museums dedicated to the art of magic in the world, of which the Magic Castle in Hollywood is still considered to be the most prestigious and famous. Although Latvia has a strong tradition of illusionism, this type of theater and museum has so far not been not only in the Baltics, but in the whole of North-Eastern Europe.

It is planned that in the 530 square meters, equipped with light, sound and video systems, on two floors there will be not only an illusionist theater with 300 seats, but also a magic trick club, where tricks and theater trainings (seminars, lectures, workshops) will take place. as well as the Museum of Miracles.

From November 14, interactive small group tours will be available to anyone interested in the Illusionist Theater / Museum “Mystero”, as well as a magic trick shop will be open on weekends. It is also planned that the Pecolli family’s Christmas illusionism program “Miracle You” will take place in the theater from December.

In the second half of 2021, the school of illusionism will start its work. The premises will also be suitable for private and corporate events.

* Almost six hundred people from all over the world have contributed to the creation of the Illusionist Theater, making both financial and practical contributions. Dace and Enriko Pecolli would like to thank each of them, as well as the 25 Latvian entrepreneurs who selflessly devoted materials and work to the realization of this important idea for Latvia.

* All information about the future activities of the theater and museum will be posted on the theater / museum’s Facebook page

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