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589004940.jpg – The longer it is, impurity who went berserk and called the driver noisy ambulance continued at the police station Depok, the police immediately took action.

Case impurity rage invite the driver ambulance fighting also briefly crossed his motorcycle in the middle of the road instantly viral.

even though ambulance bringing a critical patient who must be rushed to the hospital immediately.

As a result of arrogant action impurity that, the road is jammed and becomes a concern impurity other.

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Now the case is getting longer because this case continues to Depok Police, West Java.

The chaos began when the motorbike did not receive it when it was overtaken by an ambulance that was carrying patients and medical personnel.

The incident occurred on Jalan Raya Sawangan, Depok, West Java, on Saturday (07/11/2020) yesterday.

Depok Police Kasatreskrim Kompol Wadi Sabani explained, it had called motorcyclists and ambulance officers to be asked for clarification related to the incident.

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“Not reporting, just clarification. From the incident we asked for clarification, but still we make the news of the event,” said Wadi, Sunday (07/12/2020), quoted from

Nevertheless, Wadi was reluctant to explain in more detail related to the follow-up from the police from the ambulance ambush.

He only said that motorcyclists, nurses and ambulance drivers and bodyguard volunteers had come to Depok Police Station and provided information.

“Let’s see today, because last night wasn’t much.

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The ambulance driver also had to take the patient too. “Today we plan to meet the two parties again,” he said.

Contacted separately, the ambulance nurse Satya Medical Rescue, Indah Purnamasari (29) said it had not reported the incident that happened to the police.

However, he and the ambulance escort were asked by the driver and volunteer guards to provide information.

“Because the virus is like that, the police also know what he said. The police said he knew from his superiors, so he was asked to ask us,” he told

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At present, Indah has not been able to explain further related to the ambulance ambush incident that happened to her while on duty to take the patient to a hospital in Depok.

Indah added, she was asked to come back to Depok Police on Sunday afternoon to provide more information related to the incident.

“We are just waiting. This afternoon we were asked to come again, the ambulance with the family (patient).

The person (motorcyclist) apparently was still at the police station from last night, “said Indah.

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Shaking up social media

Previously, a viral video on social media recorded an ambulance car intercepted by a motorcyclist in the Depok area, Saturday (11/8/2020).

One uploader is an Instagram account @depokterkini.

In the video recording, it is known the location of the incident was on Jalan Raya Sawangan, Rangkap Raya, Pancoran Mas, near BDN housing.

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This video recording shows the event when a motorcyclist who parked his motorbike in the middle of the road and appeared to curse officers who got off the ambulance.

In fact, the raging motorcyclist tried to take the ignition key of the ambulance guard’s motorcycle.

Pancoran Mas Police Chief Commissioner Tri Harijadi confirmed the incident that Saturday morning.

“Members of the housing security guard at the BDN Jalan Raya Sawangan Complex have explored it, the incident happened around 08.30 West Indonesia Time this morning,” Tri said via a digital message.

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Tri said, at that time the ambulance was driving, then stopped motorcyclists.

Motorcyclist allegedly almost struck by an ambulance.

“There was an ambulance that was stopped by a two-wheeled driver because before in front of the BDN complex it was almost too narrow,” Tri said.

As a result of the incident, ambulances and motorcyclists bicker.

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“There was a verbal quarrel like in the video. However, they finally made peace. After the problem was witnessed by a security guard, they continued on their way,” he added.

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