Increase the quality of life in the district – Neckar-Odenwald region

Neckar-Odenwald district. The chairman of the Free Voters parliamentary group in the district council, Uwe Stadler, also welcomed District Administrator Dr. Achim Brötel, who is applying for a third term of office in the district election at the end of June.

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He named education, health and mobility as central fields of action at the district level. Such an increasingly strategic approach fell on fertile ground in the group.

“We must not get lost in the small and small in the district council, but have to focus on the issues that we can influence, which actually increase the quality of life in our home in the Neckar-Odenwald district,” explained Thomas Ludwig.

This will be tangible, among other things, in the projects for the all-day high school in Osterburken (education), securing the Neckar-Odenwald clinics (health) and in the targeted expansion of local public transport and an efficient road and broadband network (mobility).

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Intense pronunciation

An intensive discussion quickly developed, in which the strengths and weaknesses of the Neckar-Odenwald district were highlighted in particular. The clear development towards more home offices is seen as the greatest opportunity for the district that needs to be used. “In view of this, the expansion of the fiber optic network is a successful project that others envy us for,” emphasized Marco Eckl, which is why the Free Voters parliamentary group has always emphatically supported it. The district can be represented “aggressively and self-confidently as a preferred place of residence” (Martin Brümmer), especially for families with children. “To do this, we have to play our trump cards, which have become evident to everyone, especially since the Corona era, but also develop them further,” affirmed Petra Rutz.

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“The heart of the Free Voters beats exclusively for the Neckar-Odenwald district, whereas political parties are strongly influenced by urban to metropolitan perspectives,” emphasized Eric Bachmann. Committed, close to the citizen and passionately, the previous administration of the district administrator was also perceived.

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The members of the parliamentary group can therefore well imagine continuing together with Dr. Brötel to work on the fields of education, health and mobility and to accompany him in the usual critical and constructive manner.

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