Inconsistent with the Club’s Mission, Persib Bandung Has a New Target in the 2021 Menpora Cup

BOLASPORT.COM- Persib Bandung gave his response regarding the club’s latest mission in the pre-season tournament Menpora Cup 2021 at this time.

Before officially appearing in the tournament Menpora Cup 2021, Persib Bandung actually, you don’t really want to be persistent and appear in full strength when you enter this pre-season tournament.

Even the head coach, Robert Rene Alberts openly said his party would not charge players to become champions in Menpora Cup 2021.

In fact, Robert Rene Alberts want to make Menpora Cup 2021 as an experimental event for him to provide playing minutes to all Blue Prince employees who have not played football for a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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But now over time, after Persib underwent the Menpora Cup tournament, the club began to think about changing the club’s target.

The target, which was originally only for trial and error, is now starting to be improved to achieve even better results.

This was conveyed by an assistant of Robert Rene Alberts named Budiman.


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