Incomprehension about ‘arbitrariness’ in corona exemptions from theaters and pop halls

In Amsterdam it seemed that no exemptions would be granted. Mayor Halsema said yesterday that he did not find it responsible to make use of that power.

Actor Nasrdin Dchar could not help but his solo performance Adam in International Theater Amsterdam (ITA) yesterday and today postpone: “Last weekend I had the first try-out. And Amsterdam is always special to play. So I was really looking forward to it”, he told NOS this morning.

A day later it suddenly looks very different. Because the safety region Amsterdam-Amstelland has decided to grant ten exemptions after all, including at ITA, Carré and Paradiso. They can now receive up to 250 visitors.

The selection was made based on two criteria: whether the hall is of vital importance internationally, nationally or regionally and whether it can accommodate at least 100 people if the corona measures are followed. Mayor Halsema explained her decision to the city council: “I realize the arbitrariness, but it remains difficult, especially with the amount of institutions we have.”

Fixed seats

There is arbitrariness not only within regions, but also between regions themselves. In the safety region of Central and West Brabant, exemptions are only considered for places that normally can accommodate at least 600 people. In the IJsselland safety region, an exemption is only granted to theaters. One of the criteria is whether there are permanent chairs.

No exemptions are granted in the safety region Brabant-Noord. reports Omroep Brabant, and Utrecht takes according to RTV Utrecht a decision tomorrow. The Haaglanden security region is not going to maintain for the time being on the maximum number of guests.

Clear line

Vocalist Tim Knol has also had to cancel performances: “That’s just the way it is. We are now better prepared than in March that something like this was coming. If we stick to the corona rules, there will come a time when we can do more again. is jerk, but there is some kind of bright spot. “

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