Incompetence or bad faith. Yet it would be enough to admit that you were wrong

How easy it is to talk after. Yet, despite this, there are still many mistakes that continue to be committed. We all remember what was said about Serie A in general and Inter in particular until mid-February, right? Company absent, Count to be exonerated, changing room in turmoil, case here, case there … Or else “The most balanced championship of the last 10 years”, “the return of the seven sisters”, “But how does Milan play ?!”, “What a magnificent Atalanta!”, “The Master Pirlo”, “Eh but Fonseca’s Rome …”. All forgotten. Since Inter took off, everything seems obvious, obvious, obligatory.

But will there be a merit of the Nerazzurri or not? Not at all. All those teams incensed until a few weeks ago have now become teams that could never have won the Scudetto. And then everything becomes hypocritically normal, from the abysmal gap from the first position to the fight to enter the Champions League. But how, until February you said that Conte had to resign to be out of the cups and now do what “so much was known”? Very easy. Rather, one should have the courage to admit to having made a mistake. Not having thoroughly investigated certain performances and not having gone beyond the result. Because then the correct analysis is the one that in a certain way also makes you obtain correct forecasts in the medium and long term. Mental process that, evidently, failed to those who asked for the head of Conte on a pike and to those who fired into the pile at every slightest misstep.

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To say: elimination from Champions League it could be evaluated from multiple angles and not just from the banal one of “you’re out because you didn’t score a goal at Shakhtar”. Ditto for some draws in the league in the first round. And it comes back to us, the 1-1 in Bergamo, the first real match in which Conte returns to field his Inter. And let’s talk about principles and attitudes, more than numbers and modules. Many refer to Sassuolo-Inter, but only because the brain is directed towards the 3-0 final. In reality, Conte finds his Inter already in Bergamo: it would be enough to look at the games carefully and not stop at the mere scoreboard. Not that what happened before was all to be thrown away, also because almost no one remembers how that Nerazzurri was the team that most of all suffered the early start of the season between Covid cases and zero preparation. But it is clear that Conte retraces his steps the day after the goal by Rodrygo immediately in Madrid on the counterattack in the final after having recovered from 0-2 to 2-2.

And we’re still here to hear about “Inter favored since leaving the Champions League”, when the first streak of league wins starts with half a group left to play. Childish attempt to belittle an enormous job done in Appiano Gentile. Yet it would take little. It would be enough to admit that you were wrong. Because otherwise someone might think of incompetence. Or to bad faith.


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