Inclusive and modern work environment – the daily life of the DNB service center for 10 years

For 10 years, the DNB Service Center has been a present player in the working environment of Latvia, offering a modern, constantly growing natural environment based on Norwegian traditions.

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In 2012, “DNB Bank ASA” evaluated the potential of the Baltic States to open a service center here and, taking into account Latvia’s economy, culture, labor market, competitors and potential, Riga became the final decision. This fall, the DNB Service Center celebrated its 10th anniversary, allowing us to evaluate what has been accomplished, evaluate the center’s growth and look back on the peaks reached.

Sixfold growth

During these years, we have grown from a team of 55 people to up to 300 powerful specialists currently in our team. By balancing Latvian culture and Norwegian work environment, we have been able to build a “Lean” work environment and culture, which ensures a psychologically safe and open work microclimate. This environment is valued by our employees, given that the team includes many long-term employees who continue to work for six years or more.

Long-term workplace

Our team is currently young and dynamic – the average age is just over 30 years old. Although we are young, the growth of our employees should be taken into account – approximately 80% of the team members in leading positions in the service center are long-term employees of the company who experienced their growth directly in our organization. Just as many – 80% of our employees have been working for us for five years or more. Considering the fact that our managers and experts have grown from specialist positions, our priorities are clear – the development, well-being and growth of existing employees.

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What do our employees value most?

We involve employees as much as possible in decision-making and projects that touch on topics such as tradition and the work environment, which helps to feel a sense of belonging to the organization. Our priority is good health insurance for employees, which will be maintained regardless of the increase in insurance prices. This winter, understanding the impact of inflation and the heating season, we decided to grant benefits to all employees. We actively work with diversity and inclusion, which is an important part of the company’s strategy. Our focus is on mental health, gender equality and equal inclusion of the LGBTQ+ community.

Our pride is equality and expertise

DNB Service Center is proud of its experience and expertise, sharing it in the study environment of universities, giving the opportunity to get to know our good practice with practical examples. In 2022, we received an award for equal (fair) pay between the sexes, winning the honorable 1st place in the category of companies with up to 250 employees. We truly believe that providing equal opportunities leads to the highest results.

DNB Service Center thanks its team for the work done during these ten years and has started the new year, preparing for further challenges!

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