Incident in Frankfurt: Two spectators attach themselves to the gate

The game in the Bundesliga between Eintracht Frankfurt and SC Freiburg was interrupted in the second minute because two men had attached themselves to both posts of the goal of Eintracht keeper Kevin Trapp in a protest action.

As the hosts moved forward, the two men ran onto the field past security, stood at the posts and tied their necks to the poles. The men wore T-shirts with the inscription: “Last Generation – Stop the fossil madness”.

Trapp spoke briefly to one of those involved, while fans in the ranks shouted abuse and booed. After less than three minutes, the two people were removed from the post and led off the pitch. Then referee Felix Brych started the game again.

A similar incident happened in the English Premier League a few weeks ago. Back then, during Everton’s game against Newcastle United, a 21-year-old tied himself to a goalpost with a cable tie around his neck. He was wearing a T-shirt that said “Just stop oil”.

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